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3 Tips About Visiting Zadar For The First Time

3 Tips About Visiting Zadar For The First Time
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Zadar is a part of the Dalmatian coast and not as busy as other Croatian cities such as Split and Dubrovnik. The great thing about Zadar is that it is less crowded and allows you to explore things that are not yet known to most people. In spite of being the fifth largest town in Croatia, Zadar has a lot to offer in terms of historical attractions and beautiful nature. Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, according to the Alfred Hitchcock report. In this article, we’re going to look at the tips you need to know before visiting Zadar.

Where to Stay

Before heading to Zadar, it’s crucial to plan the places to stay while on your trip to this great town. Booking a hotel is one of the best moves as they are equipped with beaches, AC units, swimming pools and many more. They are much more comfortable, and in the end, you will discover that they are worth the value considering the services you get. Besides hotels, there are several sources of accommodation you can choose from based on your needs and budget.

Beaches to Visit

Most of the beaches found in Zadar are uncomfortable, so it is essential to consider visiting the beaches outside this great town. Such beaches are not only found in Zadar but also in other parts of Europe and America. These pebbled beaches are not far away from the town, making it possible to move from one beach to the next. These beaches also present the perfect opportunity for those who love snorkeling sport. Also, as you visit the beaches, keep an eye on the Croatian property being sold by the locals.

Means of Transport

Public transport cannot be relied upon in some areas of Zadar. Taxis are very costly, and group tours are inconvenient. Car rental is the best move. Rental cars give visitors the freedom to travel to the destinations of their choice, making their trip enjoyable and fun. With a convenient means of transport, you can easily find a place to spend your time may take it a beach or any other attractive location. It would be challenging to visit some of the charming sites without a reliable means of transport. The only concern about car rental is that you will be required to pay the parking fees if you choose to park your car in Zadar and sometimes finding a place to park in the city seems complicated.

During the summer, visitors flock in Zadar Croatia, leading to congestion in roads and overcrowding in fascinating destinations such as beaches. During this time, parking fees tend to hike, and you will have to cope with that. If your budget is limited, schedule your trip to Zadar outside the summer, and you can be assured to explore different places without having to break the bank and vice versa. Also, during these busy months, the cruise companies in Zadar tend to hike prices for their boats due to increased demand. So, if you are planning to visit Zadar during these periods, prepare yourself to pay hefty costs for every service you seek. The discussed above are a few things you need to have in your mind before heading to Zadar.


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