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3 Ways You Should Explore Hong Kong

3 Ways You Should Explore Hong Kong
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A city with no shortages of attractions, there are countless ways to take in beautiful Hong Kong. We curate the very best for a memorable holiday into three top ways encompassing how to explore one of Asian’s finest cities.

1) Scour the city on top of a scenic tram
Hong Kong’s double-deckers are famous the world over, not because of their lightning speed or sophisticated amenities, but simply because of the breathtaking views they provide. A jungle of towering buildings dotted by the odd vegetation bustling for space in streets packed with people always on the move, nothing quite beats the view especially from the vehicle’s top floor. These trams are a great way to explore the city and there are a variety of options at the fingertips of visitors.

The “Ding Ding,” as the natives affectionately know trams, offers great sights of the north shore, with the longest route available connecting Shau Kei Wan and Kennedy Town via one changeover which comes at Western Market. This trip will take you through some of the best parts of the town, including glamorous shopping malls, electronic hubs with the most colorful displays, and even oases of nature from time to time. There are five more tram route options at your disposal.

2) Stroll the eccentric Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
The eastern side of this promenade is particularly bewitching at night when the buildings come alive with all manner of lights, offering magical views of southern Kowloon. You can catch beautiful gazes of Victoria Harbor at its scenic best as you explore the eventful route between the Hong Kong Coliseum and the KCR Clock Tower, both lovely detours worth a little of your attention. In fact, if you have time, you could even hop on board the star ferry just a stone’s throw distance from the KCR Clock Tower and marvel at the cityscape from the romantic waters.

In between the start and endpoints, be sure to pass by the Museum of Art as you make your way to the Avenue of Stars for a glimpse of the country’s famous talents immortalized in statues. A massive bronze commemoration of Bruce Lee is one that’s hard to miss in that collection. If you happen to be in town during the Chinese New Year in early February, this promenade hosts amazing firework displays. In June, it’s also the location for an interesting Dragon Boat Festival.

3) Conquer the Hong Kong Trail
For a vivid reminder that the city is not all about the endless sky-piercing buildings, make some time for a nature walk on the Hong Kong trail. Availing 50 km of viridescent settings and awesome mountain top views overlooking green waters, plying the route from Victoria Peak to Island South is a fitness experience with lots of visual appeal. If that distance sounds like a little too much, you can cut it down to include Dragon’s Back between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O Peaks. This route encompasses a winsome mountain ridge with the best coastline vantage points and culminates at the Bay of Tai Long, where you can spend some time in the water after a hard day of explore. Speaking of ways to see out your day, you can look into how a Hong Kong massage can ease sore muscles from your travels. A traditional tea ceremony is said to work wonders as well for the tired mind and body.

Hong Kong is a combination of nature, shopping, and modern attractions, and these three options best typify how to sample the city’s most charming appeals.


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