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5 Sailing Destinations You Should Visit

5 Sailing Destinations You Should Visit
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Making up about 71% of the planet’s entirety, oceans, seas, and other water bodies hold countless delights beyond our imagination. There are so many places to visit, so many things to do, but today we’ll try and sum all those up in a five-item list as we bring you the planet’s best sailing destinations to make time for:

1) Croatia

A discussion about the best sailing places would certainly raise questions if this lovely Dalmatian city were missing. With a millennium of islands on offer and sailing courses that would take you several lifetimes to complete, many have gone as far as claiming Croatia sailing to be some of the world’s best; it’s hard to disagree. Rich history oozes from the old shoreline towns, while there’s lots of beach fun and aquatic sports to go around, ensuring this Adriatic nation kicks off our list at number one.

2) Poland

Poland might not be a popular name in sailing circles, but it earns our nod courtesy of a trail of beautiful lakes that have become a sailing haven for many in recent years. Lake Jeziorak is Poland’s largest and offers an immense boating experience involving terracotta tier-houses sandwiching scenic and soothing waters that are especially at their best in the months between May and September. Atop the nation’s longest body of water lies the nostalgic town of Iława, which provides plenty of onshore delight as well.

3) New Zealand

New Zealand and the Bay of Islands, in particular, are worthy of the best itinerary, offering a buffet of about 150 islands whose numbers are matched by their beauty. Be it basking on a sun-kissed beach, or cruising blue waters with nothing but the sounds of seagulls for company, the Bay of Islands has a sailing experience to interest all kinds of sailors. Stunning nature galore and some of the world’s most colorful fish, it wouldn’t be farfetched to say that this archipelago epitomizes heaven on earth.

4) Scandinavia

While a Muslim’s lifelong dream is usually to visit Mecca, a sailor’s equivalent may just be the Norwegian fjords in Scandinavia. Bathed in a youthful white over winter, and adorned by enchanting blue and green skies of the northern lights, magical doesn’t even begin to describe this sailing experience. Those cruising the fjords get a front-row seat to not only a colorful show of Mother nature but also the beautiful surrounding settlement, which puts on a vibrant night display to keep up with the awesomeness of the Aurora Borealis. It’s advised that you plan a trip between October and February to get a glimpse of the phenomenon.

5) Scotland

Scotland’s west coast is known for many things, including whiskey often touted as some of the best in the world, but most notably, it has amassed a reputation for excellent unspoiled sailing routes offering lovely getaways. Its waters may not be as fancy as the Norwegian fjords or posses limitless island options like Croatia, but it’s a case of good things coming in small quantities. When the weather is feeling up to it, Scotland’s water networks are as paradisiacal as they come.

There are certainly many other places in the world worth your time, think Greece, the Carribean, Italy, and whatnot, but these five represent a combination of pleasures we think make the best for a sailing holiday.


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