Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

5 Trending Ways To Increase Website Engagement

5 Trending Ways To Increase Website Engagement
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To evaluate the success rate of every e-commerce business, there is a key metric known as website engagement. It gives the insight of visitors’ interests, their online behavior etc. which is crucial in determining the quality of website content. Today, businesses worldwide are putting much needed efforts in creating and delivering refined and high-quality content to grab consumers’ eyes. In addition to creating great content, it is equally important to know how the audience is engaging with the website.

Well, there is no fixed rule in getting higher engagement on the website; there are still some golden things that businesses can employ to shoot up website engagementBelow, are five ways through which e-commerce brands can ensure maximum audience engagement on websites-

  •   Through UGC

UGC or User-generated content is defined as the content created by a brand’s consumers over the course of time. It is all the pictures, videos and reviews that they have shared on social media channels about their brand-experiences. UGC is a great way to narrate the brand values to target audiences by means of social media feed on websites. As UGC is created by brand’s consumers it is authentic and is considered more trustworthy by people. 

The visual appeal of User-generated content on the website makes it come alive. It not only grabs the visitors’ attention but also entertains them and influences them to buy or subscribe to the website products and services. Also, the visual content has proved beneficial in enhancing the website ranking in the Google search results. 

As in e-commerce shopping, the tangible element is completely missing, consumers usually hesitate from buying a product as it might not look the same in real life as it looks in photoshopped images. In such cases, UGC helps the users a lot in making shopping decisions. It helps them see the real aesthetics through other consumers’ eyes. This brings a sense of trust and reliability among target consumers. 

In retail marketing, brands deliberately place products by the checkout counter to facilitate additional sales. This is known as point of purchase marketing. In a similar way, online businesses could use UGC reviews and images of similar products at the checkout page. This would engage the consumers and they might end up buying more than they have thought. 

  • Increase loading speed

A website page should load in a blink of an eye for users to fully see it. If it will take too much time, users will go back to search results without even thinking twice. Speed analysis is a vital metric in determining the website performance. It is a fact that a slow website gets lower engagement and conversions. Therefore, using website performance and speed analysis tools are a must haves that online businesses should use. 

  • Declutter Website Layout

Too much of everything is bad- a saying that stands true even in the case of website layout! When a visitor is landing on the homepage, his/her experience should not confuse him/her but should be a smoothly-flowing process.  Too many features, icons and tabs may leave the website audience confused. This ends up in higher bounce rates and people might not visit the website in future. If a website layout is crowded, it is crucial to tone it down and make it simple. Using a lot of white space in the website makes the content shine and easier to read. 

  • Include a Chat Box

Incorporating a chat box on a website landing page helps in addressing the issues a visitor might face. But, it is important to take note that chat boxes should not always hover over the website as it might send the visitors back. It should only pop up when users want some assistance.

By adding photos and names to chat box representatives, brands can humanize the conversation and users feel at ease to put their inquiries forward. Also, notifying the users when the chat support will not be available is a wise move as they would not feel ignored. Regularly analyzing the chat box transcripts will also improve interactions with website visitors. 

  • Streamline Website’s Navigation

Visitors coming on the website should be able to get all the information about the product and services within one or two clicks. If a website is making the navigation inconvenient for the website visitors, they are going to leave the site within a few minutes. This is going to increase the bounce rate of the website.

An easier and smart way to avoid the above situation is to keep the navigation on the website as smooth as possible.  Visitors should be able to grasp all the information and be able to see all the categories on the website without any hurdle. It is therefore advisable to introduce a search box in the website so that users can find what they are looking for. 


Website engagement is a method of determining how well an e-commerce website is performing in terms of visitors’ retention and conversion. All businesses are optimized to meet the target users’ needs and website engagement is no different. 

It is an ultimate tool in getting a strong foothold in the market. A good website engagement not only gives better brand-audience experience but also leads to more sales and brand awareness.