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6 Essential Skydiving Equipment That You Need

 The thrill that comes along with adventure sports is unmatched. From bungee jumping to scuba diving, to rock climbing, every adventure sport has its own unique aspects, but all requires us to push our limits – both physically and mentally. The great joy that we get by performing adventure sports makes all the effort worth it.

One such adventure sport is skydiving. Skydiving gives us the opportunity to step into the unknown and explore a different feeling altogether – a feeling that you will certainly want to relive. To experience skydiving, you will need proper equipment. Read on to know about them! From sports goggles to a skydiving parachute, we have covered them all.

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You cannot indulge in the activity of skydiving with your normal day-to-day wear. There is a specialized skydiving jumpsuit that you will need to put on during skydiving.

A skydiving jumpsuit is designed in such a way so that it acts as an aid when you are flying through the air. There are various technical aspects that are taken into consideration such as things like drag and the friction provided by the air. Hence, you will find something like a sail incorporated into the jumpsuit to maintain stability.

And yes, you can take style into consideration too. You will find jumpsuits with all sorts of colours and designs, and picking one for yourself is completely a personal thing.



For various reasons, glasses are a must-have equipment for skydiving. They impart a perfect vision by blocking any external elements such as wind and dust from entering into your eyes so that you can enjoy the view from the top to the fullest. They also act as a safety gear for your eyes.

When it comes to the structure of glasses for skydiving, it appears quite similar to oversized sunglasses in wraparound style. Oversized lenses are super effective in providing a wide field of vision, whereas the wraparound style imparts a full peripheral coverage to the eyes, eliminating the possibility of entry of external elements.

You need to be looking at sports glasses for the activity of skydiving. While buying sports glasses for skydiving, there are certain aspects that you need to take into consideration. These include high strength, comfortable fit, and UV protection, among others. You can also use a glasses’ strap to enhance the fit.

My go-to brand for sports glasses is Actics, which is the brand name of the sports glasses range of Specscart. Specscart has one of the finest sports glasses collections in the UK. The best part is that they offer high quality pairs at pocket-friendly prices.



Another very important equipment and a must-have for skydiving is parachute. Every skydiver uses two parachutes – main and reserve. The reason two parachutes are used is so that in the case when there is a problem with one, the other one can be deployed. No need to worry as when you go skydiving, all the instructions with regards to how to use your parachutes will be provided.



Altimeter is a device that measures the height and tells you what height you are flying. It is a very crucial piece of equipment as it is needed for you to know when you need to deploy your parachute and also where you should be in your landing pattern as you come in to land.

Altimeters come in both analog and digital types and you can go with the one that suits you personally. During skydiving, altimeters are attached to the wrist like a wrist watch.


Automatic Activation Device (AAD)

An automatic activation device is used to automatically deploy your parachute at the required height. An AAD monitors your descent rate and also the height at which you are flying, and deploys your parachute at a set height.



The head is a very sensitive part of the body and helmets are used in most sports as a protective gear for the head. When it comes to skydiving, a helmet is a must. It protects our head, especially in the case of a hard or improper landing. You will find skydiving helmets in all sizes so that you can pick the one with a proper fit. You can also take the stylish route here by picking helmets that use bold and lively colors and also various striking patterns.

Skydiving is an activity worth exploring. If you wish to experience an unmatched level of thrill, do give skydiving a try! We have already listed down some of the most important equipment that you will be needing.