Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

8 Things you Must Know About the PTE Exam

8 Things you Must Know About the PTE Exam
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Pearson’s Test of English (PTE) is a well-known English proficiency test for those who are non-native English speakers and want to study abroad. Are you unaware of the PTE Exam? Don’t you know what it is for?
Don’t worry as every question is answered here. Don’t forget to go through these most important points before taking the test if you want to clear it.

  1. What is PTE Exam?PTE Exam is Pearson’s English proficiency test (also called PTE Academic or PTE-A), designed specifically for the students who want to study abroad. The test is acceptable in all major countries (you will get more details in a minute’s reading) due to its credibility. The purpose of this exam is to confirm the adaptability of non-native speakers in a foreign environment and education system.
  2. The Fee for PTE ExamFor PTE Academic Exam Standard Price is – INR 13300Note: The Prices are subject to change.
  3. Exam Date of PTE
    No limitations here!
    Just choose any dates out of the 363 date schedule of this Pearson Exam. However, some dates may be unavailable due to filled slots so trying making your booking much before the actual date. (You are allowed to book just 24-hours before the exam but be smart!)
  4. Exam Syllabus or Structure
    PTE Syllabus is very easy to cover. 4 sections to command are –Reading
    You have 3 hours to answer questions, coming to you in 20 distinct formats and varying from FAQ to subjective.
  5. Which Countries or course accept PTE Exam?
    Almost all major countries like the USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK consider it for all the courses like MBA. It’s acceptable to get an Australian Visa too.
  6. How much time it takes in declaring of PTE Exam results
    You will get results within 5 working days after taking a Computer-based PTE Exam.
  7. How to get assistance and Study Material for your scheduled PTE Exam
    There are so many websites that are available for PTE study materials. You can watch youtube videos. You can also practice with PTE full mock tests with answers and section-wise practice tests. There are so many benefits to doing with practice tests. The exam platform will give you a real-time environment and gives you a repeated question from the real exam. Once you finish the exam, you get the instant result along with the analytics and suggestion for improvement to achieve your targeted score. You also get a large pool of repeated questions from the past exam.
  8. Why Take PTE instead of other available Exams
    Lowest price, universal acceptability, secure payments, thousands of passed students, no error in evaluation of results, always-available customer care and much more. Any more reasons needed?