Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

All About The Grandaddy Purple Strain

All About The Grandaddy Purple Strain


Have you ever heard of the GDP strain? In overall parts of USA, Europe, and Canada, this strain has already been grown, tested and seriously it’s ass-kicking. You don’t believe it, do you? Why not go online right now and buy Grand Daddy Purple strain seeds; just a sample pack to get the taste of this purple lady. The birth of this lovely strain is a result of a cross between the Purple Urkle and the mighty Big Bud in the Bay Area of California.

And since the news has reached the ears and the aroma reached the nose, the GDP strain has been launched atop among the elites of the species. For more information regarding the development of the plant, the flowering period, and the final outcome of the GDP strain, kindly read the underwritten.

Grand Daddy Purple Strain:
The plant growing out of the feminized GDP seeds are known to grow short and bushy. The plant produces numerous buds, each of which is glistening with high extracts of THC content. The strain is dominant of the Indica variety and is well known for its breathtaking, mesmerizing fragrance and enthralling taste. This particular strain is believed to display anti-fungal properties which make the plant highly immune against infections and diseases.

This is why the plant needs less care, nurture, and can be grown even by amateurs. The plant is fit to be grown indoors as well as outdoors like most other strains.

All about the GDP Plant

The approximate height of a Grand Daddy Purple plant measures between 60cm-100cm in case they are grown indoors while they size up to 180cm; if planted outdoors. The flowering period which normally lasts for about 8 to 9 weeks for instance can also partially be under the control of the cultivator. During this period, thick buds grow covered with red/purple hair and a glistening dense layer of THC trichomes.

The plant has an average expectance to be ready for harvest within 10 weeks and this outcome maximizes when grown outdoors. The ideal season for harvest is believed to be during late October with a maximum harvest of 450gm per plant when grown outdoors. Indoor plants have an average harvest score of 400gm/m2. The estimations are subject to conditions of health cultivation.

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Smell, Taste, and Effects: The Grand Daddy Purple strain contains a mind-numbing THC content of 23% which is regarded to be a very high potency level. This is why the strain has been highly useful for medical purposes treating insomnia, and as pain relief. Viewers and others who comment say that it leaves a joyous sense making you smile very often and also a euphoric state of mind.

Not every GDP pant grows to emit the same aroma or tastes the same but you are definite to taste something grapy, the sweet fruity flavor along with a pinch of sour citrus and earthy pines. Overall, it makes your evening a delight and your mind high.