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Bathroom Cleaning Tips by Bathroom Scan

Bathroom Cleaning Tips by Bathroom Scan

The bathroom is the place in our home that keeps us hygienic and clean and it is necessary to keep it neat and clean as well. Mostly we neglect its cleaning and our bathroom becomes a home of fungus and bacteria’s. Unwanted doors become a regular part of our life and it is our first and foremost duty to keep our bathroom clean.

For this purpose, you need some DIY tips and tricks that can help you. Here we have bathroom scan that can clove your problem regarding your cleaning. By using these cleaning tips you can keep your bathroom hygiene. It is necessary to know that you must clean your bathroom at least one time a week. Here are some of the best tips, use them, and tell us about your experience.

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Cleaning Tips:

First of all, remove all the extra items that you can remove and keep them aside. Pick up the towel and toilet tissue papers and keep them outside the bath.


Toilet Cleaning:

If you clean your toilet daily then it is not a big deal to remove the dirt from it easily. If you do not wash it daily then you will face some difficulty. These tips will help you to wash it quickly and easily.

  • First of all, put some amount of mouthwash in the toilet bowl and leave it for thirty minutes. After half an hour scrub it with a toilet brush and the bowl will be clean.
  • Secondly, you can also use cola for cleaning purposes. Put a can of cola and wait for 1 hour then scrub and flush it. You will notice that it is washed perfectly.
  • Pick up a bowl of baking soda and put it in the bowl and wait for 15 minutes. Wipe it with water and your new toilet bowl is ready to use.
  • Now, wash the outside and clean it neatly with the help of an all-purpose cleaner.


Sink Cleaning:

The sink is the most important part of the bathroom that we mostly used. What if there is dirt and the drain is blocked? It is not at all a positive aspect. Use these tricks now and make your sink and drains clean.

  • If you want to get rid of hard water stains put some amount of toothpaste on the old toothbrush and scrub the sink with it.
  • Pour some amount of vinegar and baking soda into the drain and then put hot water in it. After a few minutes, the drain will be clear.
  • Wash the toothbrush holder with soap and use hot water to remove all the stains from it.


Bathtub Cleaning:

  • A bathtub usually remains clean because of its daily use but it is important to keep it neat from outside.
  • Pour a little amount of toothpaste onto an old toothbrush and scrub it. Wait for some time and rinse it with normal water. Hard water stains will be removed.
  • Apply the bathroom cleaner on all sides and wait for 15 minutes and rinse it with water. Your new bathtub is ready to use again.


Shower Cleaning:

  • Showers stop working if we do not clean them properly. If you love to take bath in the shower then you must keep it neat to get the proper amount of water from all holes. Remove the shower head if you can otherwise you can also wash it without removing it.
  • Put some vinegar in the grocery bag and tie it around the shower. Make sure that shower must submerge in the vinegar. Soak it for the whole night and rinse the shower with water in the morning.
  • If your shower is clogged, clean it with a needle.


Walls Cleaning:

  • Walls are the parts that people always miss while cleaning the bathroom. It is also very important to wash the tile grouts properly.
  • Mix bleach with water and make a cleaner. Spray this mixture on the walls and leave it for a few hours. Pour water on the walls and your tiles are sparkling like a new wall.
  • Soak the cotton ball in the bleach and apply on the high stained areas and leave it overnight. The next morning all the stains will be wiped out.



These are the simple and the best bathroom tips to clean your bath easily and quickly. Secondly, you must wash out your bathroom once a week to avoid bacteria and odors. Now, it’s time to try these tips and get the result after using them. Do not forget to share your experience. This little guide from will help you a lot.