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Best Water Purifiers for Home

Having access to clean water is an indispensable factor in leading a healthy life. Water purifiers are an excellent tool which provides us access to clean water in not only an effortless manner but also in a cost-effective way. There are many different purifiers to choose from, so to help you pick the best water purifier for home, Here is a quick list.

1. Kent Supreme Plus 2020

Kent is one of the best brands known for its excellent quality water purifiers. With the Supreme Plus 2020 one need not worry about corporate, brackish, or tap water. This is because it has a multi-purification process that produces clean and disinfected water. With a storage capacity of 8L and a UV fail alarm, the Plus 2020 is an ideal choice for families living in coastal areas.

Price: Rs. 14,799* on Amazon


2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure

Next on the list is the Eureka Forbes Aquasure. Packed with numerous benefits, the Eureka Aquasure is a unique water purifier. With a classy design, the Aquasure is well-known not only for its performance but also for its style. With an MTDS stage during the purification, it ingests minerals into the water to compensate for the loss of minerals during the RO stage. Additionally, it also has a feature which adjusts tastes according to the quality of water.

Price: Rs. 7,777* on Amazon


3. Blue Star Excella  

Yet another water purifier that excels in terms of performance is the Blue Star Excella. With a 7-step RO, UV, and UF purification process and a modern design, the Excella is one of the best water purifier for home. Also, it has a Aqua Taste Booster Technology which ensures the alkaline levels in the water is maintained at all times.

If you are worried about budget constraints, you can now use ZestMoney’s EMI Shopping App, to get your favourite water purifier at an affordable price. You can now purchase the Excella in an instant and pay later in installments, making it a budget-friendly solution!

Price: Rs. 8,490* on Amazon


4. Kent Grand Plus 

Some of the many brilliant features of the Kent Grand Plus include in-tank UV disinfection, TDS controller, zero water wastage, and a 7-stage purification procedure. Additionally, it also has a 9-liter capacity which ensures water availability even during power outages. The maintenance of this Kent water purifier is also extremely easy.

Price: Rs. 17,999* on Amazon


5. HUL Pureit Copper 

The last on the list is the star model of HUL. This water purifier stands out with its incorporation of copper in its filtration system. Copper has many beneficial qualities like immunity and digestion enhancer. The HUL water purifier stores the filtered water in a copper vessel for boosting overall wellness and health. Additionally, it also has a feature to dispense regular RO water.

Price: Rs. 21,499* on Amazon


With ZestMoney’s EMI Shopping App, you can now purchase the purifier of your choice without worrying about your budget. You can also purchase from any of your preferred retailers including Reliance Digital, Amazon, and Flipkart.

*All prices are subject to change and may vary between retailers.