Fri. Sep 18th, 2020

Common Headshot Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Common Headshot Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Common Headshot Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

When taking San Diego headshots in California, it is crucial to remember that headshots reflect your brand. You should, therefore, ensure you have perfect headshots by avoiding the mistakes listed in this blog post.

Blurred photos

Your face should be in focus. It is, therefore, crucial to use the right equipment. The camera you use should be able to capture high-resolution pictures to avoid blurred photos. It is important to understand that while your pictures may look good on digital platforms, higher resolution photos will be needed for printed materials.

The wrong setting

Headshots will be seen by clients and colleagues. You should, therefore, ensure that you don’t dig out a photo from your photo collection or crop your face from a picture you took at a concert. Photos with busy backgrounds or cluttered backgrounds may be off-putting and distracting for clients.

When taking San Diego headshots in CA, make sure the background is simple and plain such as a white wall or use a professional setting such as at your clinic, your desk or in front of a neat bookshelf.

The wrong outfit

If you would not wear the outfit with a client or to a job interview then you shouldn’t wear it in your headshot. Avoid wrinkly shirts because they can appear sloppy. Bright and bold colored shirts can come out distorted in your headshot and take the attention away from you. Jewelry and shiny materials can reflect the flash of the camera and bring attention to your shirt.


Your San Diego headshots in California America should never look like you are holding your camera with a stretched hand. Selfies are not professional enough for headshots. They will only make potential clients think of you as a joker. Make sure you have a professional photographer to take your headshots. He or she will also guide you to avoid the above mistakes.