August 14, 2022

Cricket in India — History Fact and the main Competitions in the World

Cricket in India — History Fact and the main Competitions in the World
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Today cricket is the NO.1 sport in India so there are lots of sportsbooks that offer a really great cricket betting tips for the events in this discipline. But even those who bet on cricket, not the first year know so few things about its history. That’s why this article will be the information not about the tvbet but the cricket history and evolution in India. Also, it should be noted that cricket is really popular in a few countries in the world but at the same time in most of the sportsbooks, it is the sport from the exotic category. 


Some Interesting Facts about the Cricket History — Where and When the Cricket Appeared

So cricket is the command non-contact sport where the players use the ball and the bit. It originated in the 16th century in Great Britain and first few years was well known only there. But because of the expansion of Great Britain cricket become known all over the world and in India also. Interestingly, cricket was always the game of the English gentlemen and noblemen so not every person can play it at first. But in a few years, everything has changed.

The first competitions were organized in the XIX. The main goal of cricket is to get as many points as possible but more than the other team. To get the points players will need to do the runs when one of the team members hits the ball, and run to the opposite post. At the same time, another player run towards him, trying to take the place of the first one. If they both do all right the team will get points. 


Even more useful information about the PRO cricket in India – best events for the bets via the sportsbook websites

Cricket was included in the Olympic Register in 1990 but at that time its popularity wasn’t as high as today so the discipline was expelled from the program. Almost at the same time cricket become popular in Europe, Africa, Australia, and India. Due to the experts’ opinion, Bombay is the birthplace of Indian cricket. And the start point of that fast grom was the Parsee Oriental Cricket Club which was founded in 1848. And only a few years cricket became frankly popular in Chittagong and Bombay, West Bengal and Gujarat, Delhi and Nagpur. And today there are a few strong cricket teams that take part in the most prestigious international competitions:

  • Twenty20 World Championships
  • Champions Trophy
  • Basil D’Oliveira Trophy
  • Pataudi Trophy
  • Sobers – Tissera Trophy
  • Anthony de Mello Trophy

The most important event in professional cricket today is the famous ICC World Cup Qualifier (ICC Trophy before). But the whole number of competitions that you can bet on is much more because there are national and international competitions. At the same time cricket still growing also because of the good funding from the richest people in India. Some of them have bought the teams and now help them with the financing. Also, that’s one more reason for the so fast evolution of the Indian PRO cricket that the sports fans can see last few years.