Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Debunking the Hurricane Myths that can Endanger Your Safety

Debunking the Hurricane Myths that can Endanger Your Safety

Hurricanes are a harsh reality that Americans living in several states face every year. The state of Florida is probably the hardest hit, where hurricanes last for an entire season! This means you have to be ready to face it over many months. So, you have to start storing essential items in your home. You also need to fortify your home if it cannot stand the hurricane thumps. Hurricane impact windows and doors can help you secure your home in the best possible way.

Windows are Most Vulnerable

More than everything else, it’s the windows around your home that are most vulnerable to hurricanes. You need to fortify them with the best options you can. Many people use shutters to protect them, which is a great option. However, shutters are bulky and not to install. They can dig deep into your budget too.

Then there are impact windows that cover almost everything up. Hurricane impact windows and doors work like regular windows and doors, offering complete protection from winds flying at over 150 miles an hour. These can even resist hits of debris flying with hurricanes all the time.

Myths Related to Protection Against Hurricanes

Over the years, people have developed all kinds of beliefs related to the impact of hurricanes. Many of these happen to be nothing more than myths. It’s important that you know about these myths and not believe them all. Let’s discuss.

  • Only Windows Facing the Ocean Need Protection

Many people believe that since hurricanes come from the ocean, only water-facing windows are vulnerable to hurricane forces. However, when hurricanes form, they rotate like cyclones, hitting every side of your house. They carry debris along too, so even duct tapes won’t offer much protection.

  • Leaning Against the Windows Will Stop Wind from Blowing Inward

Many also believe that since it’s just wind, no matter how strong, if you put your entire weight leaning on the window, the air won’t break it. This wouldn’t serve the purpose, though. On the contrary, you will be putting yourself in harm’s way by doing that. The window will break or shatter with winds blowing at over 100 miles an hour. The debris that flows along will hit you and injure you severely.

  • Store Valuables in The Dishwasher

Dishwashers may appear to keep everything inside and not leak out water when running. This leads many people to think of them as a good place to store valuables. However, dishwashers too dump wastewater down the drain like the washbasin, so you could be taking a major risk here.

  • You Will Be Safe Without Doing Anything

A lot of people living in nearby areas think that they are safe. Even those who live in areas where hurricanes frequently land believe that this year they may be spared. But you can never predict what hurricanes can do. It’s better to prepare for them instead of leaving it all on fate.

Hurricane impact windows and doors are probably one of the best options you can choose to protect your home in the event of a hurricane. These can resist hits from debris, keeping you safe inside. A regular window may shatter now and then, but an impact window will not, keeping you safe and in peace for several years. To install impact windows and doors in your home, speak to your nearest specialist company today.