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Different Types of Hand Held Fans for Wedding Events

Different Types of Hand Held Fans for Wedding Events
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In this article, we are going to have a look at different types of hand held fans. The major difference in the Hand Held fans types is the material from which they are made. Different types of hand Held Fans are discussed below:

Paper Fans

An all-time favourite for special occasions, paper fans are often cheap, as they are relatively easy to make and their material can be easily obtained in a variety of colours. Paper fans can very well meet your needs as a cooling device until a very warm summer weather. They have unique texture and you would certainly be more intimate with nature, inspiring you to keep them as a work of art.

Lace fans

Easily considered as a treasured collection, Lace fans can act as a Spanish accessory for a special woman. If you are in your heavy bridal dress, opt for thick laced supporters because they tend to give more air over thin lacing supporters that have many open holes.

Straw Hand fans

The fans of stubble hands are also known as Straw hand fans and are heart-shaped fans with a weaving surface. Straw hand fans can be relied on for a cool, gentle breeze on the warm and humid tropical weather in the heat of the summertime. While looking delicate and bulky, straw hand fans are actually long-lasting and practical, you can even fold them into a spacious handbag. They are the perfect hand fans to have in your wedding function.

Silk Hand fans

The elegant sparkle of natural silk makes the silk a matter of luxury, and wise to use for a formal party function. Because of the inherent nature of silk, silk fans can keep their colours lively for a long time. Silk thickness enables the fans having the same light to moderate brisk that is adequate to comfort their crowd in a humid atmosphere, or to keep them cool when traveling under the warm summer sun.

Hand Wood Fans

Totally made of natural wood, which makes it essentially durable, hand wood fans are the ideal choice for fans as a daily accessory. Their wooden ribs are often designed with striking cuts, often completed by colourful hand painting, and when they are open, they create a sharp, snapping sound. In general, thicker and larger fans of wood hands are considered to make the environment cooler. Sandalwood hand fans are highly popular as they welcome you with the sandalwood smell.

Feather fans

This hand fan type consists of a group of bird feathers, delicately matched and fixed on a frame of a wood or plastic fan. When they are employed on special occasions, they stand out with the inherently sophisticated design of feather fans, allowing you to rock a spectacular event with their exquisite avian inspired design.

Cloth fans

The cloth fans typically come in a huge range of colours, patterns and prints, made out of cotton cloth. These fans are ideal for different occasions as they are not very expansive as well as are attractive in look.

Thus, we have seen different types of Hand held fans and their different features. You can also try out these hand held fans for comfort and fashion.


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