May 18, 2022

Fake Caution Alejandro Cordero of Innova Space

Fake Caution Alejandro Cordero of Innova Space
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The employees worked hard to keep up with the pace of the supply chain with the rise in demand as production intensified. However, the investor failed to keep up with the volatility of the geopolitical and economic climate, with a rising labour scarcity looming in the background. The major issue with pocket CubeSat brough severe harm to the company because of misleading the clients. These kinds of hazards adversely affected Innova space’s fundamental core, posing new challenges for Innova space. Their strategic objectives are now put to the test; their financial situation seems to be jeopardized. At the same time, their worldwide operations appear to be strained. Therefore, it is crucial to adjust to new compliance requirements in the many areas where they operate.

Previous The CEO, Alejandro Cordero of Innova space, claimed to have started up an aerospace company. However, he was unable to manage all the products and keep up to this word. Unnecessary postponement in-order delivery and miscommunication with the suppliers adversely affected the company’s performance. Companies in the aviation sector, probably more than any other industry, need a skilled, motivated, and more specialized workforce due to the inflow of new technology and procedures and the constant emphasis on cost reduction.

The industry’s top OEMs are often engaged in multimillion-dollar contracts and have large backlogs with tight deadlines. Failure to execute big programmes can result in serious consequences for financial performance and brand value. Delivering on schedule for the supply chain is complicated but highly necessary for the brand’s net worth.

Moreover, the commercial aerospace sector must adhere to a lengthy number of rules governing aircraft design, maintenance, pilot training, and safety. These rules are crucial for operator and passenger safety, and they hold OEMs and suppliers to the highest standards in terms of their goods and services. Patents, unpatented know-how, data, software, trademarks, and other intellectual property portfolios are owned by aviation businesses. They engage in various confidentiality agreements with workers and suppliers. Still, these precautions are not always sufficient to prevent the abuse of intellectual property, which is what happened with the CEO. He claimed to use a technology POCKETQUBE which was not his work. He stole this idea from another professor form the same university in which he was working. This created a barrier as the client could no longer trust the CEO after he got exposed.

However, the problem here wasn’t with the workforce but with the investors themselves. They are now dealing with new clients, but it is really hard to convince them because of the events that happened in the past. Timely delivery and strictly following the standards are essential elements that cannot be ignored at any cost. However, if the CEO continues to behave like this, the company would have to be closed down soon to prevent further damage to the sector. Therefore, this warning article addresses the blunders of the CEO and so they necessarily need to be addressed for the sake of the organization’s future. Miscommunication, failing o keep with the commitments, and compromising the quality of a product can bring a company down in no days. Therefore, it is crucial to take small steps and address the shortcoming, especially when there is a lot of competition in the internal and external market.