Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

How To Know Whether Your Pennsylvania Physiotherapist Is Good

So you have been going for physical therapy for some time now but you are not sure whether you are getting the best services. You are seeing slight or no improvements but your physiotherapist is still convincing you that it takes time. While this might be true, you can look at the following things to be sure whether your physiotherapist in Pennsylvania is good enough for you.

They listen

The only way you can know that your physiotherapist is hearing your concerns is when they listen to you. You have been referred for a knee problem but your lower back is a greater bother today. Does your physiotherapist want to treat your neck blindly or he will listen to your other concerns?


You have been poked, bent, and podded at the beginning of the session to find out the underlying problem and then you got some form of treatment from the best physical therapy PA such as stretching, needling, taping, or massage. Did the physiotherapy treatment make a difference? It is not acceptable to walk out of the clinic worse than you came without any explanation. Your physiotherapist should re-check the assessment after your treatment and see if it has been effective. This is how you can tell that the diagnosis was correct.


If you have had your treatment and you are doing your exercises as instructed for five weeks, but you don’t seem to be improving then your physical therapist should re-examine their diagnosis.

Some problems take up to 12 weeks to improve but they show some improvement signs within four to six weeks. If you have been going for physical therapy for over 12 weeks and you haven’t seen any improvements, further information is required. This can be in the form of a referral to a specialist or for medical imaging.