December 2, 2022


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How To Store Cannabis to Keep It Fresh

How To Store Cannabis to Keep It Fresh

That’s a question that cannabis consumers ask themselves at one point. You have probably tried to store it several times, but there was a change in taste and texture. Humidity and high temperatures can significantly affect the stack’s quality.

To unlock the potential of your stack and enjoy everything it can give you, you need to dry and treat it appropriately. Here are some tips for maintaining and extending the life of your stack.

Keep it Cool

Maintain weed in a dark, relaxed environment to keep it in excellent shape. A temperature of around 10 C is ideal for short-term storage (up to 90 days). The temperature should be as low as possible for long-term storage. It’s important to remember that defrosting and freezing frozen plants isn’t a good idea.

Cannabis is often packed in plastic bags by resellers, causing it to deteriorate fast. Some of the plant’s oils, such as limonene, can break down the plastic and deposit the residues on the remaining plant. In that case, baking bags are a better choice.

They are designed for high temperatures and are pretty robust and safe for keeping cannabis. The only drawback is that they cannot protect flowers and trichomes from crushing. It’s important to mention that all of our tips apply for storing hash. Looking for a sweet hash deal?

One of the most effective ways to store cannabis is in jars. They must be clean, and the lids must be airtight. Thermally insulated bags are another fantastic option because they are airtight and keep the stash fresh. They may be re-closed to let extra air out of the packing.

You may store cannabis in reusable boxes or jars. After usage, you should clean them with soap and hot water. You may also use 91 percent isopropyl alcohol to clean the jars. You can add salt to remove particles from the surface.

Because of the oxidation, choosing the right jar size is crucial. Cannabis that has oxidized ages faster and loses quality. More air will enter if we store a tiny bit of cannabis in a big jar. Smaller jars are more convenient to transport, and they maintain the quality of the plant.

Keep the Ideal Moisture!

To maintain the quality of cannabis, you need to keep it wet. Two-way humidity control packaging can protect terpenoids and desired terpenes.  If there are no terpenes, organic weight loss can be up to 10%, and the flavor can decrease.

There is no risk of contamination – only pure steam passes through the membrane. This fiber stabilizer maintains the quality of plant products with stable relative humidity. That is why, when you store cannabis, you should use a hygrometer to determine how dry it is right away.

Store it in the Dark

You should keep your cannabis in the dark and use containers with tinted glass to maintain its freshness (if stored in a jar). If you expose the stash to light for a long time, it will lose valuable terpenes. If you can’t find a container with a dark background, cover it with black duct tape to keep the light away.

Some people like to keep cannabis in the freezer because it’s dark and cold. We know that freezing temperatures can harm trichomes, so this is not recommended. A basement is ideal for cannabis storage, so make sure to make enough room if you decide to store it there.

Try Using Humidor

If you plan to spend more money on storing cannabis and keeping it fresh, you can use a humidor. A humidor is a box or room with controlled humidity in which we can store cigars, cigarettes, and cannabis.

It contains more moisture than most forests, so it helps maintain moisture. It cannot bend under high humidity. You shouldn’t expose the humidor to direct sunlight. Most humidors contain a hygrometer, a device that can measure environmental humidity. Whether analog or digital, you can use them to measure the moisture level in a humid.

Maintain the Right Temperature

It’s necessary to keep an eye on the temperature in indoor storage. One of the most challenging tasks in storing weed is keeping the temperature appropriately. Temperature changes in cannabis are pretty sensitive, so the difference between day and night should not exceed 10 degrees.

High temperatures cause the plant to dry out, while too low temperatures cause the so-called “temperature shock,” so avoid putting it next to the oven or microwave.


Last but not least, keep your stash in a glass container. Keep it in a cold, dry place, such as an old closet or a solid stone basement. In general, a domestic refrigerator with (very) low humidity is the best option. You can use paper to absorb moisture.  It’s a good idea to open the container once or twice a day to enable airflow.

Proper storage of cannabis can prolong its quality and protect it from external influences. Explore the finest solutions for you and your stockpile now that you know more about cannabis storage.