Sun. Apr 18th, 2021

How You can Qualify for Legal Aid in UK?

How You can Qualify for Legal Aid in UK?

Legal aid is supported by public funds and is run by the government to ensure that people with low income can get access to legal advice and support without having to pay any fees. But does everyone qualify for legal aid? How will you know if you qualify for legal aid? Keep on reading to find out.

How To Know If You Qualify?

A lot is taken into consideration when accessing a specific person for legal aid. It will depend on the circumstances of the case as well as your financial condition. The criteria which need to be fulfilled is that the person claiming legal aid should not be able to pay his legal fees. This is the sole criterion that needs to be established.

If it is established that you have low income and cannot afford lawyers then you may be eligible for legal aid/ To establish what qualifies as low income is very difficult and you should also know the difference between what is counted as income and what is not. To standardize this, the Legal Aid Agency has set the benchmark for 733 pounds per month. If you have a salary less than that, then you may be eligible for legal aid.

If your monthly income is less than 733 pounds then you can consult firms that offer legal aid and they will be able to clarify whether you are eligible or not.

Legal Aid In Family Matters

In family cases, some other factors also come into play. The agency will ask you whether you have been a victim of domestic violence and abuse which is not limited to physical abuse as behavior that aims to belittle you and causing you to feel anxious and depressed also comes within the abuse. This is especially important in matters involving children.

If you fulfill those criteria, the solicitor will guide you on this and will ask you to fill the form to apply for legal aid. In this case, evidence may be required regarding the abuse but not all of the family matters require that kind of evidence. Therefore, we advise you to consult no win no fee solicitors for these types of cases.

  1. Following are the family matters that are covered by Legal Aid:
  2. Disputes regarding children
  3. Financial matters after divorce
  4. Domestic violence
  5. Divorce

Will I Have the Same Level of Solicitor if I Qualify?

There is no difference between a privately paid solicitor and a solicitor given by the Legal Aid as those are qualified solicitors just like private solicitors. The service level will be the same as if you would have paid a solicitor for his services. The only real difference can be the commencement of the legal process when you are required to provide the evidence.

How Do I Apply For Legal Aid?

To apply for legal aid it is best to consult a legal advisor who has been awarded a contract for legal aid so that the solicitor may be able to assist you regarding your eligibility and with the evidence that is required to establish your claim.  This is also useful because they will be able to assess before filling if you qualify for the legal aid or not.