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PTE speaking Answer short question tricks 2020

PTE speaking practice
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PTE speaking Answer short question tricks 2020

PTE Speaking Answer Short Question task tests the speaking and listening ability of the test-taker. In this task, you will hear audio and you need to answer the question in a few words. You will get 10 seconds to do that. This task is based on the general knowledge questions so answers will be very simple. In this, you will not hear a beep tone before the recording begins. So keep your eye on the timer. When the audio ends and you see the status changes to recording, you should immediately begin to speak your answer. To ace this task you will need to do a thorough PTE speaking practice.

There are many methods that will help you to score more. But without building your listening and speaking skills, you will not be able to get a good score. To help you get a good score on this task, we have put together some tricks.

1. Answer in one word or a few words

This is obvious from the instructions given in the question but there are aspirants who think that a descriptive answer will fetch them more points. This is not true. When they ask one word, you precisely have to answer in one word. You can answer in a few words only if the question requires you to do so. If you speak your response in more words then you will lose points. Try to speak to the point during PTE speaking practice.

2. Think before you answer

In this task, whatever you say first gets recorded as it is answered in a word or a few words task. So you should think about what to speak before diving into answering the question. Otherwise, you will end up making a mistake and lose points on the PTE exam. Include this tip in your PTE Speaking practice.

3. Do not pause for a long time

We usually tend to pause to collect words before speaking our response. But you should not take a long pause You should keep this point in mind because if you pause for more than 3 seconds then the microphone turns off and whatever you speak after that will not get recorded. So try to limit your pause to 1 second. Include this in your PTE speaking practice to prepare you to avoid long pauses during the PTE exam.

3. Listen carefully

It is important that you listen to the audio carefully so you can answer it appropriately and to the point. This audio is only played once. So do not lose your focus or miss out on some words. If such a scenario takes place then you will not be able to answer it correctly. You should try to understand the question that you hear as you are given a very short time to answer. If you are struggling in this area then you should improve your listening skills by practicing some listening exercises. Listen to English movies, TV shows, news and podcasts. Try to familiarize yourself with the speaker’s accent.

4. Do not overthink 

The question does not belong to any scientific knowledge topic so you do not require to spend too much of your time thinking about the answer. If you overthink you will get confused to answer a straightforward and simple question. The very obvious answer that is the one that pops first in your mind is the right answer.

5. Stay focused

You will get around 10 – 12 questions on this task. Each question requires you to answer in just 1 -2 words. You should remain focused through all the questions as there will be no break between them and you not get to ear the questions again.

6. Visualize the scenario

The visualization technique helps you to understand the question in a better way. When you hear the question, you should make use of some specific words to draw a picture in your mind. Example: if you get a question related to school then draw a picture of your school, teachers, classroom and students in your mind. This helps you to pick the right answer and avoid making a mistake.

7. Build a strong vocabulary base

You should take vocabulary exercises as a part of PTE speaking practice to improve your vocabulary base.  There are many vocabulary exercises available online. If you come across a new word then you should look it up in a dictionary. Try to use this new word while talking with your friends and family. This will help you to keep it in your memory. Try to connect this new word to an object or person. This trick can also help you remember the word and its meaning for a longer time. This will help you to use the right word to answer the question. You can find a PTE Academic word list online. Go through that list and find out how many words you know.