June 27, 2022

Sangini Nirvana: 3 BHK Apartment in Surat 

Sangini Nirvana 3 BHK Apartment in Surat 
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While roaming in the house, sipping the monotonous cup of tea, and scrolling the conspicuous interior designs on Pinterest feed, it has become the unstoppable research to find a heavenly place for 3 BHK Flats in Surat.  Sangini Nirvana brings it all for you.

Sangini Nirvana is the best place for those who are looking to settle their wings of dream on a consecrated space. With an exclusive campus, adorable interior and breathtaking view, this project offers the best grandeur architecture in Surat.

The location that speaks your Personality

With a spectacular view, Sangini Nirvana is located at the VIP road of Vesu in Surat. With the contemporary architecture and lush green surroundings, these 3 BHK flats are situated in the high-calibre area of Surat.

Far away from the hubbub area of the city, one can live a blissful wind in a serenity environment. The two luxurious towers with 11 floors well-design are standing at the highly prominent area that fulfils the extravagance to the core.


Tip-Top the Living in the Slices of Serenity

Entering the well-designed gate and walking on the striking campus will surely leave no room to explore the door to door atmosphere of the flats. Sangini Nirvana is a place that provides exclusivity in every corner, from the expansive balcony of the apartments to the gazebo sitting on the campus.

Now, you can relax your off-days while breathing the blissful environment of the living space. Other than gazebo sitting, these flats also provide full-fledged luxurious amenities considering the needs of society.


Stay Fit, Stay Healthy in a Single Campus.

Sangini Nirvana is the place of comfort constructed under a heavenly cloud. In a life full of stress, one can never ignore the cruciality of health. Here, you can enjoy everything from a well-designated gym to the steam area.

The campus sitting facilities and walking track can ride your evening with energetic vibes. Whether you are roaming the campus or working on your health, the flourishing landscape, thriving outfield, and peaceful view will surely captivate your soul.


Greek the Fun in a Fun greeting Zone

The campus is lame without a fun feeling zone. To enlighten the mood of the charming soul, Sangini Nirvana offers an indoor game zone that consists of a pool table, carom board, chessboard, and much more. The campus also provides a prominent space for an outdoor children’s play area and a toddlers zone for the little innocent faces.

The project of Sangini Nirvana has considered the space to lavish your every event. These 3BHK flats provide sustainable space for a banquet hall, banquet kitchen and wash to ease your favourable functions.


Splendour the Wings on your Dreamland

It’s high time to transform the wings of dreams into the lap of luxury. These 3BHK apartments are constructed in the hands of the best builder in Surat, Sangini Group, offers varieties of amenities to make you feel the exclusivity of life. Live your life on the high tone of grandeur with Sangini Nirvana.