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Satta King Super Fast Result Chart

Satta King Super Fast Result Chart

Satta King Result Chart | Super Fast Satta Result

Satta King, also called Satka Matka, is a lottery game that’s played in many parts of the country both online and offline. The sport has grown in popularity in recent years across the country. It’s currently mostly played online on varieties of internet sites. After the India’s independence, the sport has been started. There are even many apps on the Playstore which helps customers to play the sport.

People who want to play a game offline can do so by placing a bet and watching the results . Online Satta Matka is legal in India , despite the actual fact that gambling has been prohibited in India since a people government enacted the general public Gambling Act in 1867. It attracts an oversized number of individuals who want to do their luck. In India, some lottery and racing games are legal. so as to win up to Rs 1 crore, players within the game, which can be played by two or more people, must predict numbers.

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Satta King results as on 6th February –

  1. Mahakal HR at 1:30am – 72
  2. Desawar at 5 am – 86
  3. Super Diamond at 5 am – 34
  4. Desawar Day at 11:50 am – 68
  5. Faridabad Day at 12:25 am – 23
  6. Ghaziabad Day at 12:45 am – 51
  7. Samrat at 1 pm – 52
  8. Bangkok at 2 pm – 37
  9. Delhi No. 1 at 2:30 pm – 20
  10. Kalka Bazar at 3 pm – 92
  11. Maa Bhagwati at 3:30 pm
  12. 08 Kanpur Junction at 4 pm – 61
  13. D Bombay at 4:15 pm – 97
  14. Gurgaon at 4:30 pm – 98
  15. Bharat no. 1 at 4:30 pm- 42
  16. Shri Ganesh at 4:30 pm – 91
  17. Bareilly City at 4:55 pm – 88
  18. Gurgaon Express at 5 pm – 68
  19. Dehradun at 5:15 pm – 32
  20. Kuber Khazana at 5:20 pm – 77
  21. Jai Laxmi at 5:25 pm – 85
  22. Matka Gold at 5:25 pm – 15
  23. Faridabad at 6 pm – 11
  24. New Delhi at 6 pm – 54
  25. Lucky Jodi at 6:15 pm – 40
  26. Mohali at 7:20 pm – 39
  27. South Delhi at 7:20 pm – 93
  28. Paras at 7:20 pm – 40
  29. Ghaziabad at 8:30 pm – 37
  30. Faridabad Night at 9:20 pm – 67
  31. Jai Ganesh at 9:50 pm – 74
  32. Rewari at 10 pm – 19
  33. Royal Satta King at 10:10 pm – 58
  34. Banglore at 10:15 pm – 21
  35. Palwal at 10:20 pm – 72
  36. VIP Gali at 10:30 pm – 84
  37. Deshawer Night at 11 pm – 84
  38. Gali at 11 : 30 pm – 91

There are many various forms of games available on various websites, but the foremost popular are Disawar Satta King, Ghaziabad Satta King, Gali Satta King, and Faridabad Satta King. The Gali Satta king results comes in at 12:02 am, the game’s results began flowing in at the midnight . The Disawar and 5 a.m. results after that, and also the results of SS Gold at 1:10 p.m. Gali’s outcome at 11:15 p.m.

Many players asks that what’s the simplest satta game. So normally there’s no best satta games, there’s some misconceptions amongst new players. There are various satta kings games because all of them distinguishes it from various names of the cities and also the gods. Satta king may be a simple game during which you’ve got little or no control over the end result.

Choose a price between 0 and 99 to form the more natural. A Khaiwal could be a one who acts as a link between gamblers and gaming companies. Within the viewpoint of the Satta monarch, these Khaiwals are the first significant individuals. These Khaiwal are incharge of collecting and delivering payments from local gamers to the corporation.

In many countries, gambling is against the law, however in India, the govt is taking strict actions to ban all varieties of gambling. When village boys accustomed waste their time by playing this game offline, the local police would come and stop them, but today it’s largely played online, and also the police are unable to keep up track of this Black Satta king game. they need no way of knowing who is playing or what proportion money they’re winning. you’ll want to play this game a minimum of once in your life by risking atiny low sum of cash. this is often a extremely simple game to play. It doesn’t take long in the least. Despite the very fact that it’s illegal, individuals still play this game.


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