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Sewer Drain Clog: Its Warning Symptoms and Ways to Clear

Sewer Drain Clog: Its Warning Symptoms and Ways to Clear - 4D Heating engineers
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The sewer drain clog is considered as one of the most major issues which lead to an unimaginable plumbing emergency and a serious health concern. It is obvious that it will happen anywhere within the route from septic tank to street. As wastewater cannot flow to its desired area, it starts creating backup in the fixtures and floor drains.

If you are sure that it is occurred, you must hire a reliable plumber in London to fix the issue on an urgent basis. Till then, you are advised not to use any kind of plumbing system of your home.

Common symptoms of the main sewer drain clog

Some signs are given here for your reference which you may notice during a clog in the main sewer drain line.

Clogging of multiple fixtures

The most common symptom of the clog in the main sewer drain line is backing up of multiple plumbing fixtures simultaneously. At first, you can face the backup in your toilet. However, some low-lying fixtures will also get included in it such as bathtub or shower. At that time, you have to proceed for inspecting the toilet along with other fixtures to locate the spot where sewer drain clog arises.

Unusual reaction during using fixtures

Followed by fixtures, you have to inspect for the odd behaviours and sounds of the drainage system of the house. You must start from the lowest level and it can happen anywhere in the drains that go to the street from your home. It can cause the toilet backup at the same time and thus you are advised to commence the examination from the lowest drains and its fixtures.

Toilets- The toilet drains possess the direct way to the main drainage system of the house. It is the system where all the significant drains are attached. Hence, it is the highest problem-prone area. After examining the functional condition of your toilet, you must check whether the water is gurgling while running down through the washing machine, tub and sink. It is also known as the telltale sign of the prime drain issue.

Shower and tubs- The drains which are attached to the mainline stoppage of shower and tub can also get affected badly. That’s why these drains are installed at a much lower level than that of the sink drain. You have to perform minute checking to locate the exact area of blockage. It can also end up with the backup of tubs and shower with wastewater.

Turn on the sink- While you are facing clog in the sewer system, you must look for the trapped air inside the pipes. When you allow running water in the sink, you may observe a rising in the water level in the toilet. You can also hear the gurgling sound while the water passes and this indicates trapped of moisture in your piping system.

Washing machine- All of a sudden clog in the sewer drain can arise due to the washing machine. While draining out the water it may end up with an overflowing toilet in which water gets backed up in the shower or tub drain. It’s a great indication of clogging of the sewer drain. Remember that the same symptom may arise if there is any fault in the shower or washing machine. Regardless, if the flushing is occurring perfectly, then the issue is regarding the stoppage of the washing machine.

Check carefully the prime clean-out fitting

Take a drain clean-out as it can be your best companion while you are dealing with the clogged main sewer line. Basically, it is a short drain pipe featured with a special fitting of nut-like stub and a sphere threaded plug set on the square.

It can be inserted via the horizontal main pipe of the drain that coincides with the sewer line. Take a pipe wrench to loosen the nut to get easy access through the piping system and reach the desired location.

As for most houses main sewer line is located under the crawlspace or basement you may have to face a lot of difficulty while dissolving the clogged particles. You may also seek assistance from a skilled professional. Due to the backup of lots of wastewater, cleaning must be done very carefully.

After exerting the much-needed pressure the moment when it will be removed, the deposited waste along with backed up wastewater will start gushing instantly. If it starts seeping after loosening the plug, you must put it back. However, if the clean-out fitting is installed outside of your home, then there is chance of removal of the plug.

But if water starts oozing after loosening fix it immediately and call out your plumber. They will remove it excluding the spill over and check the inside for locating the clogged area with the help of a flashlight. Accordingly, steps will be taken to remove the clog and restore the functional efficiency of the main sewer drain pipe.

What should you do if there is clog in the main sewer drain?

Whenever a major plumbing issue like this occurs you mustn’t use any sort of plumbing fixtures. It is also advisable not to flush the toilet or run down the water as it can worsen the issue more. Yet you can entertain the additional preventive measure by turning off the main valve of the water supply to cut off its supply.

Immediately pick up your phone and call an emergency plumber in your locality who is expert in handling the issue. They have special tools along with motorised augers for assuring you with effective and fast removal of larger and harder clogs from the main sewer drain line of your home.

What must you do in case it’s the city’s sewer issue?

It is possible that the issue is occurred due to the malfunctioning of the city sewer main drain line. Whenever your home gets backed up you must ensure that the issue hasn’t in your own home. After that, you must consult with the neighbours to check whether they are facing the similar issue or not. Accordingly inform the city utility workers.

They will account the issue and visit the locality as soon as possible to restore it. But if the issue is underlying in your sewer drainage system then they have nothing to do with it. For this, you have to hire the services of blocked drains in London to unclog the sewer lines.

What can you do if there is a septic system in your home?

In rural areas, there is no septic tank or municipal sewer and thus sewage and wastewater are transferred directly to the drainage field. There it gets decomposed by seeping deep into the soil. Similar function is performed by the septic tank but to an extent only. After that it fails to accept further wastewater which may result in flooding commonly called as backup.

In such a case, you must hire a professional to deal with the issue appropriately and make the system normal. They are expert in offering the quality services by digging up the ground to check the recurring issues as well. Even if there is any modification required they will address it within the shortest time possible.

From the above discussion, it is clear that a clogged sewer main drain line is really a worrying issue which must be accounted as early as possible. Rather than inspecting and performing DIY solution, it is better to hire a professional service.