Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

Should I Install Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors or Not?

Should I Install Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors or Not?

People living in the state of Florida know just how amazing the impact windows and doors are or can be for their house. These windows and doors have lots of qualities which make them a brilliant choice, although they may cost a bit more than regular windows and doors. This brings us to the question – do you really need hurricane impact windows and doors for your home?

Let’s consider the top 7 benefits of installing impact windows and doors in your home.

  • Highly Robust:

Hurricane impact windows and doors are built to take the hits of debris and projectiles flying at speeds of 200 miles an hour. This basically means that these windows and doors can withstand hurricanes and severe storms for many years.

  • Virtually Unbreakable:

If impact windows and doors can withstand strong winds and hurricanes, they can definitely withstand hits of not just elbows and feet but even hammers, without breaking down completely. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them burglar-proof. Even saws aren’t of much use against these magnificent windows and doors!

  • Energy-Efficient:

Hurricane impact windows and doors can seal the air inside your house. That means you will have more or hot or cold air inside your home as you like it. This will reduce the burden on your air conditioning or heating unit, thereby bringing the energy usage down.

  • Resistant to Noise:

If you live near the road or have a noisy neighborhood, you will have all kinds of noises to deal with day and night. Installing impact windows and doors will reduce all that noise significantly, giving you complete peace of mind.

  • Resistant to Harmful UV Rays:

The pane used in impact windows give your home protection against harmful UV rays emerging from the sun. If unchecked, these rays can harm your skin and eyes. But with impact windows there to protect you, there is no need to worry about them.

  • Lower Insurance Premium:

Impact windows are literally unbreakable and durable. These amazing qualities help bring down the premium value you pay for insuring your house. You can contact your insurance company after installing hurricane windows and doors in your house to update the new premium value.

  • Increased Property Value:

Impact windows are not just a wonderful security addition to your home. You can get many designs in them that are very aesthetically appealing too. All such benefits only add to the overall value of the house, increasing its resale value substantially.

But then what about the high cost of these doors and windows? Agreed that hurricane impact windows and doors cost more than the regular versions. But when you consider their durability that saves you from looking for replacements all the time, you will find them to be the better investment. You can even get in touch with your impact windows and doors company and get up to 100% financing on these brilliant home solutions.

Coming back to the question. Yes, if you live in Florida and want a house that can withstand hurricanes and burglars, reduces energy bills and noise, and looks great from a distance, you need to install impact windows and doors in your house!