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Stages of B2B Sales Funnel

Stages of B2B Sales Funnel
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B2B Sales funnel is your business pipeline where you process your leads of you look-after your sales funnel properly so you can get the benefit of most of the leads. Today I’m gonna show you some killer stages of B2B sales funnel. The below stages will lead your business to the new direction and you’ll get fast growth.

Stage 1: Lead Generation:-

Lead generation is a process where you gather information of people who are not known for you and they don’t know about your brand. You need to gather the data of those people to contact them either by emails or by calls.

The goal of this stage is to reach to the many potential customers. You need to focus on your targeted audience while gather the data. Otherwise it’s waste of efforts you made to gather the data. You need to see who can be interested in your product or service.

Stage 2: Nurture the Leads:-

Most of the people skip this as they thought this is not fruitful or waste of time. Sometimes people even don’t know about this. But the case is totally opposite; this is not the waste of time. There should be many people who use the services you offer or the product you are selling but they are not in need this time. If you Nurture that lead so maybe after some time they are interested to buy from you. And also there is a possibility that they become your big client.

You should keep those leads in your B2B sales pipeline and nurture until they agree to buy with you. In this step timing is the best game play for you so make sure your timing will be right to pitch the leads like these.

Stage 3: Very First Meeting with the Client:-

Well I’m not talking about the person to person meeting the first meeting can be a discovery call. Once someone show interest in your service or product, you can book a meeting over the phone with them to discover their needs and requirements. The first meeting should be as much detailed as possible so you can understand the customer requirement completely and can pitch him better.

This is the time when your sales team can build an impression on the customer. Whatever he/she told you, you can quickly advise the solution for the same. Let them feel that you are willing to help them not only making business.

Stage 4: Sale Closing:-

This is the point where your hard work gets pay off. This is the final stage of B2B sales funnel as far as B2B sales is concern. Once you impress your client and they agree to buy with you, you should move on to the sale closing and payment process. You need to align customer’s priorities and deal them accordingly. With this strategy you can handle the indecisive buyers easily.

Stage 5: Get Referrals:-

Closing of a sale is not the last stage of B2B sales funnel. You can get more benefit of the data you have in your pipeline for B2B sales. Once you get the satisfied customer they can refer or introduce you with some more business prospect. This is the moment where you can expand your business and can multiply the clientele. You can ask your prospect for recommendation or politely request them if they know people in their business niche who want to use your services or want to buy your product.

If you try to build this type of sales funnel for your B2B sales you can get most out of your leads you gather to grow your business. Just make sure you are doing all the work in right way, using right phrases to pitch, your timing is good and the presentation on first meeting should be great.

Hope you’ll like this article and this will help you to grow your sales. If you have any query about the sales funnel or business marketing I’m just an email away. You can also visit my website and fill the contact form so I’ll get back to you with the answer of your business related query. You can leave comment on this article if you have anything in mind, I’ll reply you. Have a nice day!