Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

Things to take care while claiming for your caravan or mobile home insurance

Things to take care while claiming for your caravan or mobile home insurance

Mobile home insurance is very important if you have a mobile home. Even though mobile home insurance Ireland is not compulsory, it is helpful in the event of an accident. Mobile homes or caravans, as they are also known, have a bohemian vibe about them. They give you a chance to explore the world in a unique way. You can eliminate the need to stay in hotels or motels along the way to your destination. You can carry your portable home with you. Many people use caravans even when travelling abroad. Caravan Insurance, therefore, becomes very important.

Caravans are a big investment. They often cost quite a lot of money. There are different caravan insurance Ireland policies available. You can see which one suits you and then invest accordingly. There is a policy for static caravans, ones which do not move and then there are other policies as well. Keep in mind the sort of usage that your caravan will see before investing.

Once you have invested in mobile home insurance, be sure to check what the policy covers, what excesses you might be required to pay, whether the policy is valid abroad in case you are travelling with the caravan to another caravan.

Now, if you happen to be in an accident or a cause for a claim arises, ensure that you have ample documentation of the event that has happened, in the form of pictures, details of the people concerned and so on. Then, it is a good idea to check whether the damage that has been incurred is covered by your policy. This is where is becomes very useful if you know exactly what your policy covers. Know the exclusions as well. There are certain policies that do not cover losses for the owner’s fault. Bearing this in mind helps you understand what sort of assistance you can expect from the insurance company. Further, excesses are required to be paid in the event of an insurance claim. Check to see which excesses you are required to pay for. It is helpful if you have this information before you invest in the policy.

Bear in mind that the full amount claimed might not be given by the insurance company. The suitable amount will be determined by the company based on your policy and other factors. Further, ensure that you contact the insurance company on time. There might be a deadline or a time limit within which you might be required to intimate them of the event or incident that has occurred.

Keeping the above in mind will go a long way in safeguarding you when claiming for your caravan or mobile home insurance in Ireland. Even though being careful when claiming is important, the significance of proper research before you actually buy the policy is crucial. Due diligence and research will save you a lot of trouble later on.  Be sure to clarify all doubts and queries about the claiming procedure with your insurance agency or broker beforehand.