August 14, 2022

Top 5 Seo Fact That Very Few Marketers Know About It In 2022

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most prominent pillars of online marketing. Now, there are a lot of marketers in this field who work in-lieu with SEO expert. However, they do not know much about SEO secrets.

So, if you are a digital marketer, you can get to know some amazing facts here.  Even if you are exposed to the Google Chrome helper, going through the following points would be helpful for you.

Top Five Lesser-Known SEO Facts That All Marketers Must Know As the world of digital marketers is very large, it is tough to judge one’s knowledge. You can always find a person having knowledge on both social media platforms and Chrome Task Manager at the same time.

Well, these people can provide outstanding side hustle ideas.  However, that is not something we are here to discuss today. Rather, it is time to go through the SEO secrets. So, you can check out the points now:


1)- All Search Engines Do Not Use Links As Ranking Factors

At present, there are many search engines that are not including link usage as a SERP ranking factor. Surprisingly enough, the experts think that Google can also follow the same path in the near future.

This phenomenon has occurred as both Google, and Yandex SERPs are full of spammy keywords. Now, these keywords rank up even the shady sites.

So, the experts have lately started thinking that the entire marketing funnel would change. Now, if Google removes links, other search engines would obviously follow.

Well, the digital marketers might raise a question- If not links, then what? So, the answer would be facts. As a result, the blogging mechanism needs to be more promising. The bloggers who are a part of the


2)- You Cannot Get Penalized For Duplicate Content

When it comes to search engines, you can find that copied content gets penalized but not duplicated content. So, it is all okay with duplicity. In the modern day, you can see a lot of duplicate content on social media platforms.

So, that does not hamper the SERP rank of the website. The best you can do is go through the tricks related to the duplicity of the content.


3)- Search Evaluators That The Google Use To Determine The Result Quality

In recent times, Google has hired a lot of employees who work as search evaluators. They do not have any work related to Google ads, but they look for the quality of different types of searches.

They test several searches in different niches. There are a lot of pillars on which the search evaluators work. It often changes with differences in the algorithm. This system is still not present in the Facebook ads, and thus, it lags behind.


4)- Snippets Do Not Have Much To Do With Ranking

Snippets appeared for the first time on Google SERP in 2009. Back in that time, SEO experts and digital marketers thought that it would make a huge impact on the case of ranking.

However, the reality is totally different. The king of all search engines, Google, states that the snippets do not influence the ranking. Rather, it’s only work is to add information to the content.

However, the snippets can have a massive impact on the SERP. It makes a website easily indexable. So, the marketers should know how to make content snippet-friendly.


5)- A Home Page Video Has Some Magic

A home page video has some magic. You can expect a better ranking for the page where there is a YouTube video. Things are going like it because people are more interested in the videos rather than merely written content.

Another thing that you should never forget is that YouTube is owned by Google itself. So, it is a two-way business.

In the present day, if you add a YouTube link to your web content, the audience engagement on it increases. However, it is an unwritten rule that the video link should be only from YouTube.

A video link from any other platform might not fetch you the best results. At present, not many marketers know about this thing. So, if you are attached to the digital marketing industry, you must be focused on uploading a YouTube video on the site’s home page.

So, after the five SEO secrets, now comes the turn of knowing some benefits of SEO related to today’s market. Read the points given below:

  • Proper SEO can provide a better rank to the website.
  • It complements the work related to social media marketing.
  • It ensures that a business-related site gets proper exposure and relevancy among the audience.
  • A good approach to SEO ensures that a website remains at a high rank for a prolonged period.


Final Words

Today, SEO is one of the leading careers, and a lot of gifted marketers are ruling the industry. So, if you want to be a good marketer, you can always keep current knowledge about all SEO facts.

I hope that the lesser-known facts have helped you to know something more about the process. The best you can do is always keep a close watch on the Google Algorithm. Moreover, you can tactically use all types of SEO strategies to improve the ranks of the website.

On being a good content marketer, you need to know everything about content marketing as well as writing. You can even suggest to the writers the new ways to write in an SEO-friendly manner.