September 30, 2022


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Top 5 Trends in Fashion World

Top 5 Trends in Fashion World
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The adage, “The only constant thing in the world is change,” still rings true today. And most especially in the fashion industry. As every new year unveils each new fashion trend, women and men alike embrace it with open arms. That’s because the fashion world is an ever-changing aspect in society. And it’s no surprise why more and more apparel brands are sprouting like mushrooms left and right.

True enough, the fashion industry is a progressive business because clothing is one of the essentials that people need. And while they’re at it, fashionistas don’t mind strutting their styles in public. Whether you’re a fashionista at heart or a promising celebrity or influencer, keeping up with the trends in the fashion industry is vital to fit in your world. If you don’t know where 2021 brings in terms of fashion, here are five trends that should guide you on what ensemble is best to show in the streets.

1. Bold Suits

Whoever said suits should only come in monochromatic brown or black colors clearly hasn’t had a sense of fashion in their lives. If you want to make a statement this coming 2021, surprise people or friends at a party by wearing bold suits. Choose bright colors that match your skin tone. However, don’t try to be conservative when choosing the colors. The brighter the color, the bolder.

Go for vivid colors to make your outfit pop in the streets where people mostly choose monotone colors for their wardrobe. Choose a bright yellow, vivid orange, fiery red, or sky blue for your suits. To complete the whole look, you can pair it with a fun and quirky pair of shoes, heels, or boots, and a big and bold clutch bag at hand. This overall look is excellent during the winter and autumn seasons.


2. Thick and Tubular Jewellery

This coming 2021, fashion statements are becoming more and more noticeable due to their boldness. If it’s not eye-catching, then maybe consider a different style. Gone are the days where people wear thin and subtle jewelry. Nowadays, people would want to go for thick jewelry pieces. For instance, tubular necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are in.

Whether you’re out doing errands, buying groceries from your favorite dispensary in the streets of Canada, bigger jewelry pieces can make your outfit stand out even more. Thick and tubular jewelry pieces are perfect for any outfit, whether formal or casual. They are beautiful, classy, and funky at the same time. So don’t be afraid to strut your big gold or silver pieces in malls and night clubs.


3. Athletic Look

While this pandemic is pushing people to stay healthy by maintaining a fit lifestyle through workouts and outdoor activities, the need for athletic clothing has grown more substantially this year. However, celebrities and ordinary people have grown to love wearing comfortable yoga-inspired clothing whether they’re out for shopping or running errands.

The term “athleisure” in the fashion and fitness industry has been well-embraced by both gym freaks and fashionistas alike. An example of a go-to athleisure outfit is a pair of tight-fitting leggings and a cute sports bra. Cover it up with a nice open jacket or cute backless and sleeveless shirt and you’re good to go.


4. Dresses and Combat Boots

During the spring or summer season, people especially women would want to strut their easy-breezy dresses in the streets. But why not do it in style? Pair your sexy dresses with combat boots that make a statement.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match feminine and masculine fashion styles. This will make your ensemble more interesting. For instance, you can choose the most feminine backless dress from your closet and pair it with the bulkiest black or brown combat boots. Don with some nice accessories and huge earrings and you’re ready to walk the streets in public.


5. Sustainable Clothes

As Mother Nature is getting more and more fragile due to people’s negligence, more apparel brands are standing up for nature. For instance, Adidas turns little pieces of plastic trash into brand new pairs of running shoes. Moreover, more apparel companies are weighing their options in production and manufacturing, making sure that the processes are environmentally friendly.

In the coming years, expect that more sustainable clothes manufactured in environmentally friendly factories will make their way into store cabinets and racks.