Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Ways to Make Your Parents Love Your School Website Design

Ways to Make Your Parents Love Your School Website Design

Today, everyone is building their consciousness online by designing their own website. The same should be the case for schools as they should also create a school website design that is both useful and dynamic to help educators, students, and parents. Well, most parents favor school communication via email, newsletters, and the school website designs more traditional forms of communication, for example, backpack flyers and phone messages.

If you do not provide specific, accurate, and informative content on your school website, parents will not find it helpful, and therefore will be less involved. Also, most parents would rather get a response on their website and then call them. Provide parents with a home base to check and find answers on their own.

Well, here are the 7 must-haves for a parent-friendly school website design:

Mobile friendly

Today, 50% of users use their smartphones to search. A site optimized for mobile devices allows parents to quickly and easily navigate from their favorite device.

Make sure the content is easy to find

The biggest disappointment for parents is not being able to get what they need. A simple and accurate navigation system with well-organized pages will be of great help. Think of quick links on the home page for often-requested information such as end dates and newsletters. But resist the temptation to fill everything on the home page!

Keep content updated

The new content will keep the parents involved. The Content Management System is easy to use and is a must to make sure there is no reason to keep your website up to date with photo galleries, news, bulletins, schedule dates, and much more.

Include a translation tool

Make it available to parents whose first language is not English to read the website in their native language. It’s also a different way of showing OFSTED how you relate to hard-to-unite groups.

Make sure your school website looks good

An attractive website will be a pleasure for parents. Plus, great-looking websites are sure to have a clear layout, nice colors, and clear, easy-to-read text.

A calendar of important dates

Make sure your school calendar is prominently displayed on your website so that parents do not have to search for it. Each event that occurs at your school must be added to the calendar at least one month before the event is scheduled so that parents have time to adjust their plans. Update your calendar frequently so that events are well attended and not neglected.

Registration information

Basically, improving your enrollment numbers means more funds for your school. The design of your school’s website should make the enrollment method as easy as possible for prospective parents.

Last words!

When your website rises for more visits, keep visitors on your site longer by combining content in the form of blogs, celebrity student work galleries, and more. Your website will be a unique target for parents interested in your school across the virtual world. Stay tuned to see how to impress with your school’s website design.

In addition to the above, there is much more to getting an effective school website design for parents. But you can approach a top-tier website using the tips mentioned above. MSO is a specialist in designing a school website. The MSO developers have already finished with an excellent design of the school website. Feel free to visit his official site for his previous work. Let us help you and guide you through the process. Contact us for an initial consultation to review your project in detail.