Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure – You Can Do It

Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure - You Can Do It

Have you ever been afraid of trying something because of getting failure? Or have any subconscious feeling of avoiding some efforts due to the possibility of failure? If yes, then this is for you to overcome your loss and move forward towards your goals. 

Yes, most of us would have experienced this type of fear at least once in our life. But, if we allow fear to stop us from moving forward in our life, then we are more likely to miss loads of great opportunities that come on the way. Just flip a coin for heads or tails and start your day with enthusiasm, later take steps to kick away your fear far away. 

Causes of Atychiphobia (Fear of failure)

Before knowing the reason for this type of fear, first, understand what failure is. It is nothing but that failure to one person is a great learning experience for another one. 

There are several reasons behind this, 

For instance,

  • Discouraging parents who made their childhood more disgraced or undermined that indulge them into negative feelings until adulthood. 
  • Horrifying events that had given you a bad experience several years ago that you carry on that fear even now after years later.
  • Shame is a result of some embarrassing situations, which initiates the people to avoid painful experiences in the mere future, resulting in self-protective ways to avoid taking risks. 
  • Rejection – concern of rejection is directly associated with fear of failure. Always, people’s mentality is to get accepted and fit in. In this case, the brain sends emotional danger signals resulting in the fear responses to kick out automatically. People start to chastise themselves for their stuckness. 
  • Ego – Most of us fear trying something new as that may hurt our egos resulting in getting shy from trying hardened tasks and afraid of trying fresh opportunities such as starting a new business.
  • Victim of a perfectionist – Being a perfectionist means being a person who is displeased with something that does not meet higher standards. Sometimes parents may put their child under pressure up to a certain degree because they don’t want their child to get failure. Other than parents, it could be a boss at work, siblings, friends, and some teachers at school. 

Hints that evidence that you are in fear of failure

  • Always bothering about what others imagine about you
  • Being judgemental about failure
  • Lack of desire to get involved with challenging projects
  • Procrastination scare you into giving up dreams
  • A higher level of anxiety
  • Low self-respect or self-confidence

Conquer the fear of failure

Identify where it originates from

First of all, identify the root cause of your downfall. From where did it originate? So, identifying it can help you in finding where the fear of failure comes from and so you can begin to do things that scare you. 

Analyze your potentiality

Nothing serious, do risk analysis, and find your potential outcomes and take your decisions that remove the fear. 

Create a fear list

It is a recommended one to create a checklist about the list of fears that you have. Doing this will help you in tackling some of the impenetrable challenges resulting in getting huge success. 

Set non-avoidance goals

Motivate you to achieve something tremendous to get a positive outcome. Top psychologists have found that reframing approach goals may lead you to have benefits for well-being.

Implementing positivity

If you learn to think positively, then it is easier to build your confidence and avoid the fear of failure. To develop positivity in you, you can practice appreciation in yourself. 

End thoughts

One of the most prominent and prolific inventors of all time is Thomas Alva Edison, once he had said the following quote about failure, 

I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

It’s never an easy task to experience life without failure. So, people live highly cautious that they go nowhere. Simply, they are not living at all. Getting lost sometimes doesn’t end the world, but lets you have an incredible learning experience or your lifetime. Yes, every time we fail at something, we have a brighter chance of learning something new. Failures usually stop us, only if we let it stop us.

Understand, valuable insights come after failure. Accepting and learning some new things from failure plays a mere role in getting success in life.