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What are Metabo Tools and what are its Advantages?

What are Metabo Tools and what are its Advantages?

What are Metabo Tools and what are its Advantages?

Metabo is a manufacturing leader in power tools constructed for experts. Tools boast cutting edge technology coupled with best-in-class control, excellence and safety. They are likewise manufactured with the highest-grade parts possible to increase tool life, so you can breathe easy knowing they are going to be with you for the long term.

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If you need a perfect finish, you require perfect machines: the new Metabo Stainless Steel range.

The lifeblood of a Metabo flows from over eighty years of involvement in the metal sector. The best quality demands that Metabo place on these expert steel processing machines and the result is technically brilliant tools. With a wide variety of equipment to match Metabo can ensure that when utilizing a Metabo you will get perfect results. A daring declaration that we back up with the Metabo XXL 3-year warranty. Be it when finishing surfaces, pipes or weld seams from coarse grinding via to burnishing and high-gloss enhancing perfection can be achieved. Metabo inox machines are accessible in both corded and cordless executions for on-site use, we recognize no boundaries. Within this booklet, we hope to provide you with a quick introduction to some best practice techniques, the Metabo guide to stainless steel finishing.

Metabo Machines and Tools are Safe to Use

Safety inside the workplace is one of the most leading topics in industrial surroundings. Our machines fulfil the most elevated requirements in terms of health and safety and therefore make sure, between other considerations, longer run times and much less work-related illness.

The more difficult the job, the more significant it is to guard Metabo operators to the best degree possible. Our products for industrial utility fulfil even the harshest safety standards and vibration limits (HAV). Innovative partially original safety systems guard against accidents, keep employees away from dangerous signs of exhaustion or illness and thus reduce the downtime risk.

Advantages of Metabo Machines and Tools

In all Metabo machines, their knowledge is handing over special features and benefits from the Metabo Ultra-M battery method to the Auto-balancer in angle grinders, or the Metabo Quick System, which permits you an equipment-free difference in application and empowers you to work rapidly and proficiently.

Ultra-M technology: For maximum performance, delicate efficient charging, finest energy utilisation and long service life.

Metabo disc brake: Stops the reducing disc in 2 seconds for summering risk of accidents.

Metabo Quick change: Of chuck and accessory, best for irregular applications and giving supreme flexibility.

Metabo Quick Tool Change: Without the key, rapidly, securely and safely.

Flat-head angle grinder: With extraordinarily flat tool housing for employed in acute angles right down to 43°.

Patented mechanical quick blade stops: (in 0.05 seconds) for advanced safety.

Motor brake: For a rapidly stop of the noticed blade in just.

Metabo Straight Cut System (SCS): A manual fin located within the baseplate makes sawing immediately even easier.

Auto-balancer: For negligible hand/arm vibrations and lengthy service life of grinding discs and machine.

Paddle switch with dead man’s function: For high worker protection.

Selectable “impulse” mode: For elimination of damaged screws and spot of drilling on smooth, clean and faint surfaces.

Precision Stop: Electric rotation control with improved precision for accurate and intricate working.

Metabo Vibra-Tech (MVT): Vibration damping for suitable continuous operation.

Quiet induction motor: Maintenance-free and robust.

Metabo S-automatic torque limiting clutch: mechanical decoupling of the power for protected working ought to be the drill stop suddenly.

Metabo Marathon-Motor: With original dust protection for long service life.

Electronic soft start: For flat start-up.

Auto Clean: Saving in cost and time utilizing automatic filter cleaning during constant utility.

Press Clean: Manual filter cleaning with strong airflow activated via the switch on the extraction unit preferably during breaks.

Restart protection: Stops accidental restart after a power cut.

Overload protection: Guards the motor from overheating.

Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC)- Full Wave Electronics: For working at customised speeds to suit the application material and speeds that remain almost nearly, even under load.

Oil-free compressor: Without oil cylinder condenser for straightforward transportation and reduced service supplies.

Self-Clean: Semi- computerized filter cleaning throughout breaks for frequent readiness.

Metabo pump protection: Automatic run dry safety with LED display to protect the pump and give high user safety.

Optimum protection from dust: For clean, relaxed working: chips and dust are removed quickly and successfully.

Antistatic simple equipment: for a vacuum cleaner prevents from static charge when using suitable accessories.

There are many more Metabo machines and equipment’s which you can even buy along with the above-mentioned list from Hamad Al Owais Machinery Trading.