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5 Most Popular Movie Themed Slots

Slot games have been and always will be synonymous with having fun at the casino. Everyone loves the thrill and excitement that the slots offer, and even more so if we can relate to it with a well-polished theme that strikes a chord with us. Nothing quite gets this right as much as the movie themes that come with some of today’s most played slots. Here are five of the most popular movie-themed slots on the market.

Today most online casinos boast their own mobile casino apps, and most of the slot games discussed here you will no doubt be able to enjoy on your mobile device at the online casino of your choice.


1)- A Nightmare on Elm Street

This scary slot game conjures up one of the most loved and hated horror movie characters of all time – Freddie Krugger. Nostalgic horror movie fans will love this one as the game comes complete with clips out of the original film and even produces a few genuine jumpy scares whilst you spin the reels unsuspectingly. You might consider keeping the lights on as you play this one.

The game also has an array of unique features and symbols that will be recognised by fans of the Freddie Kruger film franchise. The game offers a cleverly named  “Never Sleep” bonus round that is particularly fun and entertaining to play. The Nightmare on Elm Street slot is overall a graphical and nostalgic delight to play, and along with its two progressive jackpot prizes on offer, it will have you spinning through the night without falling asleep.


2)- Jurassic Park

Who can forget this classic movie? This Jurassic Park movie franchise kicked off in 2013, becoming an instant hit and quickly racking up millions of fans worldwide. This slot game takes you right back to Isla Nublar island, where it all started. With dinosaurs abound, you have to run and fight for survival among the colossal prehistoric animals that roam the island while you seek out hidden treasures. The game offers 243 ways to land prizes and will no doubt keep your heart racing with its action-packed throwbacks to this iconic film.


3)- Terminator 2

Another absolute classic action movie blockbuster is Terminator 2. This movie sparked off an entire movie franchise with all the sequels that followed and also took the world by storm. This slot game brings all the beloved characters from the movie into the reels. The game is packed with atmosphere and cinematic material from the original movie. They cleverly used the original text and score from the movie to help build up that nostalgic look and feel of the movie. The game itself is fun to play, and when you’re lucky enough to unlock the bonus round, the T-1000 terminator appears and has a chance to transform into a different character and bulks up your wins on your current spins. You’ll definitely be back!


4)- The Matrix

The Matrix is another action movie hit that took the world by storm and is regarded as one of the best science fiction films of all time. This slot is based on the original movie from the film series. The game makes a great effort to mimic the movie with its matrix digital green rain as the backdrop of the game. You will also see actual footage from the movie, and the sounds are also derived directly from the film to give an overall cinematic quality.

You will see most of the movie characters along with some great bonus features and free spins on offer.


5)- Planet of the Apes

Another science fiction movie franchise that enjoyed great success is Planet of the apes.

This is one of NetEnt’s most popular releases and offers a unique two-slot-in-one device. These two slots sit next to each other, with one side representing the ‘Dawn’ and the adjacent ‘Rise’ of the Planet of the apes.

With five reels on either side, there are 40 paylines and combos that can be won. The game offers a 96.5% RTP with wilds and a chance to earn free spins. The Planet of the Apes is a well-polished and fun slot to play and will have fans well and truly engaged.