Wed. Sep 30th, 2020

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We are accepting Free Guest Posting on our website for all categories. You can also Manually submit your post by clicking on the Register Button on Top Position on website and Verify your Email ID. If you are unable to register, you can share your content with us at sk.gupta123210 {at} gmail {dot} com. We will manually update it and give you Live URL within 24/7.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

1)- Always use New and Fresh Content.

2)- Post a Featured Image, while posting content. (Image Size is Width:- 960, Height:- 460)

3)- We will Approve 2 External Links on your post.

4)- Don’t submit duplicate content, We will delete your all post and block your ID.

5)- Please don’t post 18+ content & Images, We will block your ID.

6)- If your Post is against our guidelines, We have the authority to modify and delete your post.


We are Accepting Fresh Content on Below Categories

  • Router “write for us”
  • Tech “write for us”
  • Travel “write for us”
  • Digital Marketing “write for us”
  • Socail Media”write for us”
  • Health “write for us”
  • Beauty “write for us”
  • Fitness “write for us”
  • Business “write for us”
  • Finance “write for us”
  • Real Estate “write for us”
  • Lifestyle “write for us”
  • Cooking “write for us”
  • Fashtion “write for us”
  • Shopping “write for us”
  • Home Appliances “write for us”
  • Entrainment “write for us”
  • Sports “write for us”
  • Games “write for us”
  • Jokes “write for us”
  • Tech “write for us”
  • News “write for us”
  • Education “write for us”
  • Router Support “write for us”


If you have any query, Feel free to Contact us Anytime.



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