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8+ Flower Baskets and Gifts You Should Give on New Year

8+ Flower Baskets and Gifts You Should Give on New Year

We are almost ending this year, and many are not sure which type of new year gifts to send to their loved ones. It is not always a good idea to repeat gifts when there are plenty of gifts around to send to your loved ones and friends. Proper and unique new year flowers include flower baskets and other floral gifts.

Although the better part of the year was not pleasant, we thank the Lord that we are still here to tell the tale. Opting for very expensive new year gifts is not the only way to impress anyone. You also need gifts that provoke sweet emotions to your recipient. Flowers offer the best way to show your emotions because they are meaningful. If you gave flower bouquets in the past, this year, do things differently by sending your loved ones new year flower baskets. This article will highlight 8 of the best flower baskets that you can send to a loved one on New Year. Make your new year’s basket special by ordering from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery Cyprus company. We have a wealth of experience in flowers, and we offer a wide range and unique new year flowers for all occasions.

Christmas Delights

A fruit basket is unique compared to other gifts that you are used to on New Year. The festive season is not yet over, even though Christmas ended. At Cosmea Gardens, we offer this special fruit basket filled with healthy treats to express your good cheer this holiday season. Besides fruits, the basket also has chocolates, which will help send a message of joy as we reach the end of the festive season. Go the healthy way as you say goodbye to this ending year. 

Candy Cane Basket 

This classic floral gift from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery Cyprus company is pretty unique and perfect to send to anyone in your family. Red roses and white daisies well represent the reds, and Christmas candy canes make it a classic new year flower. This new year baskets also have greeneries and will send good cheer to any of your recipients. The basket may vary in colour and material. The red roses make this new year basket a romantic gift to send to that special person in your life. 

Glowing Green Centrepiece 

This year go for a green centrepiece to make your table look awesome. This centrepiece is designed with white roses and evergreens to give the presentation that striking green effect. The green candles complement this unique new year gift from You don’t need to try so hard sending new year’s wishes when you have these combinations of white lime flowers on your table. 

Silver Christmas 

Silver is always a great colour during Christmas to send good tidings and new year wishes to that special person in your life. It may be a friend or a close family member. The silver basket contains white daisies and greeneries, making them perfect as Christmas and new year gifts. It is quite simple and elegant, and you can set it up as a centrepiece on your table or give it to your host. 

Santa’s Favourite 

When looking for that perfect romantic flower basket, it doesn’t come better than our very own Santa’s Favorite. We have been given special instructions to prepare this unique gift for your love by Santa! The woven basket contains red gerbera blooms, red roses, pine cones, and evergreens. Sending new year’s wishes with this awesome arrangement is a great gesture. 


As much as you would want to be with your family in the festive season, office duties and work always get in the way. However, you can always send special sentiments to your loved ones and friends by sending these unique and awesome new year flowers and gifts. All these festive floral gifts are found at Cosmea Gardens flower delivery Cyprus company. All our new year flower baskets are unique and authentic in every way. 

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