October 7, 2022


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8 Health Benefits Of Eating Kiwi And Its Side Effects

8 Health Benefits Of Eating Kiwi And Its Side Effects
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Kiwi is a green pulpy fruit. Kiwi fruit is eaten widely as a food as well as medicine and has a refreshing taste. Inside of the fruit is pulpy and full of taste. Kiwi fruit is a good daily source for potassium, vitamin C, folate, vitamin K, and vitamin E, Kiwi’s is a good source of antioxidants and natural Fiber. Kiwi contain (290% DV per serving) of Vitamin C with is highest in any other fruit.

Kiwi is used fresh as a fruit, comes in frozen and sun-dried. We need to check the ingredients list on all the packaging while purchasing, we have to make sure that there is no added sugar, salt, or any preservative/ chemicals.

Benefits of Kiwi Fruit:-

  1. Asthma:- Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, studies have shown that consuming a good quantity of Vitamin C can improve lung function especially with asthma patients.
  2. Constipation:- Kiwi is rich in fiber, if someone intake 2-3 Kiwi fruit for 3-4 days in a week and it will help the patient in their bowel movement
  3. High Blood Pressure:- Studies have shown that Kiwi can help lowering blood pressure if a patient intake 3 Kiwi fruit for 8 weeks then they can see some positive outcome
  4. Boosting Immune System:- As we discuss earlier that kiwi has a great amount of Vitamin C content and Vitamin C works as an immunity booster. Immunity can be boosted by a Vitamin C supplement. Great immune system is required for any healthy human being
  5. Skin & Hair- Collagen helps in skin and hair health and antioxidant helps the body to produce collagen. Kiwi also has great content of antioxidants. Consuming Kiwi regularly will help skin & hair health
  6. Weight Loss:- Kiwi is a low-calorie fruit with great nutrition. Kiwi is full of good fiber to help us keep full and satisfied. Kiwi are also great is water content and keep our body hydrated
  7. Pregnant Mother and Fetus:- Folate is important in the development of the embryo. Folate helps in the development of the embryo’s brain and Spine. Kiwi is a source of Folate.
  8. Digestion:- Rich in fiber make kiwi fruit very good for digestion and Kiwi contain actinidin enzyme that also help baking down the protein and help in digestion

Side effects of Kiwi:-

If we are taking it orally: Kiwi is a very safe food and widely consumed all over the world. Kiwi might give some allergies such as difficulty in swallowing, Itchy feeling, and vomiting. People who are allergic to other fruits might get the same allergic reaction with Kiwi.

Bleeding disorders: Kiwi helps in blood thinning and can affect the blood clotting process. If someone with a bleeding disorder consuming Kiwi fruit then the bleeding disorder might get worse.

Allergies: Kiwi can form skin allergies around the mouth and lips and might cause some reaction in the throat and tongue. Please visit your doctor if you feel the allergic reaction and better stop eating Kiwi, you can confirm your allergy by getting some test to confirm. Kiwi should not be consumed by newborn babies until they are 8 months old. People with food allergies especially Fruit and Vegetable allergies have a greater chance that they will get allergic reaction consuming Kiwi

Surgery. Kiwi should not be consumed if the patient’s surgery is scheduled in 2-3 weeks’ time. Kiwi helps in blood thinning and may cause bleeding worse. Patient should avoid eating Kiwi after surgery as well for 2-3 weeks

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