December 5, 2022


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Can I Get Umrah Visa Without Agent?

Can I Get Umrah Visa Without Agent?

Umrah is a non-mandatory religious journey to the holy city of Makkah located in Saudi Arabia. It is the second holiest journey after the Hajj. Muslims from all over the world travel to Makkah for the performance of Umrah. They do it to get the countless blessings from Allah Almighty and ask for forgiveness from their sins. For starting your journey, you need an Umrah visa.


What is the Umrah Visa?

Umrah visa is an important document that is compulsory for the pilgrim who wishes to perform Umrah. The visa is valid for only 15 days. To get this, a person has to send an application to the Saudi Embassy located in the country for further processing. There are some sets of instructions, requirements, and health requirements that need to be fulfilled to get the umrah visa easily. 

Planning to perform Umrah in 2020? Get Umrah visa only UK from a renowned travel agency to make your journey easy. It is compulsory to have an Umrah visa otherwise you will not be allowed to travel. 


Umrah Visa Without Agent:

You can’t get the visa without an agent. You need to get in touch with an authorized agent to get the visa. However, there is no need to get the packages if it is not according to your needs. You can do all the other things on your own after getting the visa. 

Nowadays everyone is having full access to search the thing and they are encouraged to do free traveling. There is nothing to hide nowadays and customers have access to the web for searching the best results. 

In the following blog, we are going to discuss some of the important details and will be answering some of the Frequently Asked Question in the end. You will face no issue if you are having the bookings of flights, hotels, and transport:


1. Handling Booking of Hotels:

Hotel is a necessity because you need a place to stay. For the hotel booking, you can easily search and book the desired hotel from any of the reliable and well-known Online Travel Agency (OTA) or Online Hotel Companies like,, Agoda, Priceline Expedia, and others.

It is a mandatory requirement for the Umrah Travel Agents to provide the hotel details of the guest to the Umrah Companies that are based in Saudi Arabia to get the visa. If these details are missing, then Umrah companies will penalize the Umrah agent. Note that these penalties are in Saudi Riyals and the amount is big.

Furthermore, few agents have hotel room allotments that are known as room blockings in few hotels. They might have better rates from the OTA’s, similar to many hotels. 


2. Handling Air Tickets:

It is important to note that you are not bound to book it any specific travel agent. A person can buy it from any trusted Airline website or any known OTA. However, it is recommended to be safe from scam online websites because online fraud is very common nowadays. In the case of a scam, you are going to waste your time and your money.

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3. Handling Transport:

Note that it is a very easy and simple thing to do. You will have many options here. You can do the booking for the transport using any of the apps like Uber, Careem, or you can call a taxi that is available on the streets. In the case of a taxi, you have to bargain with them. Most importantly, a driver should be able to understand your language for convenient traveling as you will have to stop at different spots like Mina, Ziyarat, etc.


Handling Airport Immigration:

Remember one thing in your mind that that Saudi Umrah company will take the passports from passengers once they arrive. In this scenario, it is recommended that: 

Once, you have booked your air tickets and hotels, then you need to forward the bookings to your agent and you should ask your agent to make an arrival voucher and get your arrival flight and hotel details updated on the Umrah Booking Portal like WayToUmrah, Babusalam, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Now, we will be looking at some of the frequently asked questions that are asked by many people. Have a look below:

1. What are the age restrictions? 

  • It is important to note that children under 18 are not allowed to travel alone. Child below 18 have to travel with their parents. 
  • Women under the age of 45 years old are also not allowed to travel alone. If they want to travel, then you have to travel with a Mahram. However, a woman above the age of 45 years old, can travel in a group but he has to show a NOC from her Mahram. 

2. Are Umrah Visas free?

Note that the Umrah visas are free but you have to pay for the services that you are going to avail in Saudi Arabia. 



This was a brief about getting the umrah visa without agent or package. But at any point, if you need an Umrah package because you are not able to handle the above-mentioned things, then you should get cheap Umrah packages 2022 by getting in touch with a professional travel agency. The packages will be having all the basic facilities that will make your Umrah journey easy.