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Control Panels: A Vital Aspect of the Electrical System

Control Panels: A Vital Aspect of the Electrical System

In the construction process of a structure or a building, several different teams come together in order to ensure that things turn out in accordance with the decided plan. Most people do not hesitate in spending massive amounts on raw materials, architectural designs, security, etc. However, people often underestimate the importance of investing in high-quality electrical systems and components like junction boxes, electric control panels, and more.

In this article, we will highlight the definition, advantages, features, and importance of Custom Control Panels. We know that a huge section of our society is not aware of the fundamentals of the electric sector; therefore, we will try to explain the basics of an electric control panel in the most lucid and comprehensible way. Now, let us begin by delving into the definition of a control panel.

In layperson terms, a control panel is often referred to as a combination of different electrical devices that require electric power to efficiently control multiple mechanical functions of industrial machinery or equipment. In addition, almost every type of control panel comprises of two primary categories, i.e., electrical components and panel structure. So, what are the main components of a control panel?

To put it plainly, the total number of electrical devices in a control panel can be classified into eight types that organize and define a wide variety of functions carried out by the control panel. Here is a brief look into these components:

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  • Circuit Breaker

This is often considered to be the disconnect of the control panel that will lead into an office or home. Usually, the main circuit breaker is capable of handling between 120-480V in almost all industrial equipment or applications.


  • Transformers

According to the incoming voltage, electric transformers are capable of reducing the voltage level to 120V for multiple components where incoming power is fixed to 120V.


  • Surge Arresters

Surge arresters are exclusively designed to prevent utility power surges and lightning strikes from damaging electric components fixed inside the control panel due to overload.


  • PLC or Programmable logic controllers

PLC is a CPU integrated inside the electric control panel. In the electrical sector, PLC is considered to be the brain of the control panel, offering control of different mechanical processes. This includes various outputs and inputs that perform mechanized functions of the production instrument.


  • Contactors and Relays

Relays and contactors are specially designed switches that control mechanized functions that follow the commands they receive from the programmable logic controller. Small relays effectively control functions of daily equipment like fans and light. On the other hand, larger relays are called contacts which are used for more advanced functions.


  • Human Machine Interface or HMI

HMI allows the user or the operator to control and monitor the functions of a machine. Most human-machine interfaces include switches, joysticks, muttons, keyboards, video monitors, and more.


Buy Best-in-Class Control Panels from a Reliable Online Electric Brand

We suggest you invest quality time in comprehensive research and collaborate with a renowned service provider in the electric field. They have a skilled team of professionals who are trained to carry out the installation process in a precise and accurate manner. In addition, purchasing electric products from online stores offers several customer-centric benefits like impressive discounts, deals, and offers.

Also, since the electric field is highly vulnerable to hazardous situations like short circuits, explosions, and fire breakouts, a service provider will only be a call away to guide you through the situation in a calm and composed manner.