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Five Things in New Age Successful Arranged Marriage

Five Things in New Age Successful Arranged Marriage

 What is essential in an arranged marriage to be successful? Arranged marriage has been common in Indian society for ages, but it has changed, modified, moderated in good ways in this generation. Today boys and girls also like to approach matrimonial sites for their life partners. Instead of their parents, they themselves like to find the one as per their preferences and want to check compatibility to reduce the issues in the future. Having an arranged marriage is not like you are giving up on love. One just could not find love by themselves, so their parents or family members help them.

Few things have definitely changed the modern arranged marriage, as people use some method to find the one they are looking for. They are keeping some points in mind to keep the liveliness in their marriage; they are keeping some points in their mind to select their partners:

  1. Set a routine: having a precise pattern is necessary unless, of course, you are in a rush to get married. Set a flowchart that includes selecting a partner from a marriage bureau in Punjab or through any other site by your parents or family members and taking enough time before marriage. So you may get to know each other. It is only fair if you have no idea about that person.
  2. Spend time with each other’s family: marrying in India eventually means marrying a whole family. It could be joint or nuclear. So it is essential to spend ample time with them too, go on family dates, dinners, vacations, etc. If you thought you could adjust them and they treat you well, and you get along fine, it is definitely a green flag.
  3. Financial equation: one needs to sort the financial matter before marriage. This is one of the essential aspects in life, which has been uncovered for years. By that, we mean the financial stability of a boy or a girl. It does not mean one should be earning more than the other but to talk about everything openly.
  4. Open all of your cards: if you have any past or in any relationship with anyone to tell her, as in love, marriage you already know their expectation, and what they are thinking for future and expecting from you. In an arranged marriage, you are as clueless as your partner is. Therefore, it is good to show all of your cards on the table and talk about each and every aspect of your life. So that if there is no confusion in the future. As in what you are looking to do in the future, what are your career plans, what are your thoughts for family planning.
  5. Be frank about your past: as it is an arranged marriage, your partner is unaware of your history. It does not allow you to cheat her. Your partner would not know anything if you would not tell her. It is good to be open. You could of course start with a clean slate.