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Honor Choice Wireless Earbuds- Features & Specs

Here comes the revolutionary True Wireless Earbud. The Honor’s new earbuds has been designed in such a way in such a low cost to compete with it’s rivals. The Honor CHOICE are the true Wireless Earbuds that has lots of features while looking into it. When coming to its Design and comfort the Honor True Wireless Earbud has a true comfort and these earbuds are designed to be wear for long term.

Now coming to it’s reasons why you should purchase these True Wireless Earbud-


1)- 24 Hours Combined Audio Playback

On a single charge, the HONOR CHOICE True Wireless Earbuds can last up to 6 hours*. Three extra full charges can be stored in the charging case for a total of 18 hours of playback time. When used in conjunction with the charging case, the earbuds may give up to 24 hours of continuous listening time.


2)- Absolutely Superb Sound Quality

The sound quality will definitely surpass your expectations. The Honor Choice Earbuds are powerful, loud, and bass-heavy. While comparing it with any other earbuds , this earbuds are far better than aniy other of them. Honor offerings will outperform them. The earbud speaker is loud and produce great amount of bass.


3)- Calls with Dual-mic Noise Cancellation

Each of the two earphones has four microphones that use Digital Signal Processing technology to discern what the other person is saying and separate it from background noise, allowing you to focus on the conversation rather than the background noise


4)- Comfortable to Use

The Honor Choice Earbuds X are a delight to wear. The headset is small and light (just 4.3 g each earphone), does not interfere with hearing, and can be worn for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable.

Magnets keep the buds in place in the casing. They do not fall out when an open case is flipped over, but they are also easy to remove from the case because they aren’t very deep. Everything is well-considered and practical.

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5)- Touch Controls

The HONOR Choice earbuds come with touch controls. Each of the two earphones does, in fact, have a control. HONOR offers four different touch control options in this situation. By pushing twice on each headphone, for example, you can play or pause audio playing. By tapping and holding on either of them for 2 seconds, you can reject an incoming call. Returning to the previous track and skipping to the next track can be done by taping and holding the right earbud, as well as the right earpiece.

The earbuds are IP54 rated and have the same touch controls as Honor’s Magic Earbuds. The box includes three sets of ear tips as well as a USB Type-C charging cable. The Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds connect to devices through Bluetooth 5.0 and support AAC and SBC audio codecs. The earbuds of Honor has the 130 millisecond latency.

Despite being a lot of competition in the market , the Honor has introduced some innovative earbuds with giving tons of unique features in it, which no other companies is giving in this proce point. Coming from the quality of the earbuds to it’s sound quality, battery and lot of other features, this earbuds rocks.