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How Discord Became Indispensable for Online Gaming Community

How Discord Became Indispensable for Online Gaming Community

Discord is a blend of a social media app like Twitter or Facebook, combined with all the communications technology people have come to expect from the likes of Snapchat and WhatsApp. This means that people who have downloaded the app can do everything from using a standard chat function, all the way through to holding video calls with fellow members of a Discord community they are a part of.

Dedicated gamers with custom-made chairs and specialist gaming keyboards with neon keys are particularly drawn to the format because it acts as a communications hub for the gaming community as a whole, connecting people right across the globe who all have similar passions and interests. Since its humble beginnings as a niche app for gamers, it has branched out to collect everyone from communities of book lovers to businesspeople, looking to connect and drive synergies between their businesses.

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Building online communities of players has become big business for companies like Discord


Gain Insights from the Pros

One of the keys to getting better at anything in life is to find people who can be excellent coaches and mentors, all of whom can divulge the sort of insights you will need to become a force at whatever it is you wish to do.

The same goes for gamers, many of whom idolize top pros such as the grand masters who dominate chess, the poker high rollers who contest the biggest tournaments online, and scrabble gurus who have dictionaries imprinted on their brains. It is for this reason that many gamers first come to the app, before learning how to use Discord to its full extent, be it to find out how to put a tricky opponent in check-mate, how to run a 3-bet bluff, or how to formulate complex words using uncommon letters like Z and X.

There are even entire Discord communities that exist solely to aid players develop their games, showing just what an invaluable tool Discord has become for those players intent on absorbing new information and tactics related to the games they love.

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Just like fans of a sports team always like to keep their finger on the pulse of what fellow fans are thinking, the same applies to online gamers who populate Discord


Celebrating and Commiserating

In the chat sections of streaming channels found on Twitch and YouTube Gaming it is often a house rule enforced by the channel’s moderator not for viewers to share their bad beat stories, but all the shackles are thrown off in Discord groups, where people can moan and boast as much as they like. Just don’t expect everyone to love such an approach.


Knowing Which Games are in the Ascendance

Aside from giving people a helping hand at improving their gaming skills, Discord is also an excellent place for gamers to find out which titles their peers are most excited about, as well as those which are falling by the wayside due to annoying bugs or glitches.

This means that Discord is increasingly becoming a place where the heart and soul of the online gaming community can either be won or lost forever, a prospect that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, when the platform was still a mere minnow in app stores compared to its rivals.


It’s Availability on Consoles is Unique

Another thing that has ingratiated Discord with hardcore gamers is the fact that it is present in many of the places where other apps just can’t reach, such as on consoles. At the moment the app can be installed on consoles like the Xbox One and PS4, but there are further plans afoot for Discord to become a fully integrated part of Sony’s future console projects, meaning Discord is only set to become bigger and more influential in the months and years to come, as more and more gamers interact via its multiple communication channels.