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How to Find the IMEI Number of Android and iPhone?

How to Find the IMEI Number of Android and iPhone?

All smart devices come with an IMEI code. The word IMEI endures for (International-Mobile-Equipment-Identity). The IMEI number of a smartphone is its identity. If your smart device is stolen or lost, you can call your SIM provider. They will use your device’s IMEI code and block the smart device.

Do you want to enquire how to find the IMEI code on your Android and iPhone? Continue reading as we are heading to share various methods to find it.


Can We Trace Any Lost Smartphone by Its IMEI Number?

Well, yup!

While purchasing any new smart device, the buyer must note the IMEI number or code. With the IMEI code, you can bring back your lost device, but you can block that device through the company that owns that mobile. If you’re unaware of the IMEI number of your device, you can check them at the backside of the mobile or the phones’ battery. Further, you can also check it from settings or the phones’ box.

Let’s explore more!


How to Find the IMEI Number of iPhone & Android?

Modern technology is the advancement in old technology, the impacts of technology in modern life are incomparable and immeasurable. We use technology in different ways. The IMEI number is a valuable invention of modern technology.

The robbers can use your smartphone for any illegal purposes. If you want to avoid such disturbance, you must be quick to block your lost or robbed device.

The IMEI number of a smartphone can reveal other information about the phone, including, name of the company, brand, model, specifications, production date, etc. This specific code would help you locate, find, or block the lost phone. Using the IMEI tracker to find lost and robbed phones is essential.


Similar Ways To Find The IMEI Code of Android and iPhone Devices:

If you want to find the IMEI number of smart devices, whether it is an Android or an iPhone, you can follow the following methods:


Method 1: Check from Mobile Phone Settings:

The first way to check the IMEI number is in your device setting.

Open settings and; Scroll down to find an “About device or system” option. Then open it by clicking and see “phone status’.” You will have an IMEI number tracker.

Method 2: Dial *#06#:

Firstly, by dialing *#06#, you will find a number on your phone screen. Do it with both sim slots if you have a dual sim.

Method 3: Check on Battery:

Remove the phone’s battery to find out its IMEI number.

Method 4: Check on the Backside of the Smartphone:

The IMEI number prints on the back of the smartphone’s surface. It can be found in print form on the backside of the phones with the non-removable back cover.

Method 5: Use a Tracker App:

You can find the IMEI code via a well-recognized IMEI number tracking app; the tracker app grants accurate locations based on Wifi and GPS. These IMEI tracker apps let you discover stolen or lost phones.

In addition, it can trace SMS and call logs history of stolen cell phones. You can inform your family and friends of any alarming situation.

There are many cell phone spy apps that can track all the actions of the lost phone remotely. The tracker app supports you to track the GPS location. In addition, the tracking app gives you a detailed account of activity history.

Through the tracking apps, you can remotely turn off your stolen cell phone, and no one can unlock it without a password.


Different Ways To Find The IMEI Code of Android and iPhone Devices:


Method 1: Check on The Sim Tray:

Some iPhones have their IMEI numbers on the SIM tray of the smartphone. Take the SIM tray out of the mobile and find it there.

Method 2: Use Finder With a Mac:

If you know that your iPhone is locked and you don’t have access to open the SIM tray, you can find it by connecting your iPhone to a Mac. Then use a finder app. This method will be applicable on any Mac operating macOS 10.15 or following.

Method 3: Visit the Apple ID website:

If you don’t have access to your iPhone, lost or stolen, you require the IMEI number. As long as your device connects with your iCloud profile, you can obtain your device info from the iPhone’s website.

Method 4: Find My Apple:

If lost or stolen, open using a computer or Mac you trust and log in with your Apple ID or account. Then pop on the Find My iPhone icon. So, you can find an iPhone simply by phone number.

Method 5: Find via iTunes:

You can use iTunes to identify the IMEI number of your target iPhone device.



Method 1: Google Find My Device:

How to find the IMEI number of the stolen/lost Android phone?

Google Find My Device would be an outstanding choice. Make sure your lost phone has turned on Google Find My Device. Go to (, and log in with your Google ID, then you can find your device on the dashboard. If your Android phone is turned off, you can’t find its whereabouts. If you find your phone’s whereabouts, you would have three options: pick your device, secure your device, and erase data and information about the device. Just choose one that best matches your needs.

Method 2: Use IMEI Tracker for Free:

If your phone is lost or stolen, visit the Google Play Store and download an IMEI Tracker app – Find My Device. Enter the IMEI code and add two of your trusted contacts. You will receive the accurate location on those numbers whenever the device is used for different activities.


Importance of the IMEI Code:

If you’re looking to buy any second-hand mobile phone device, the IMEI number is one of the better ways to discover how legal it is.

Is there any history of robbery, illegal action, or carrier blocking?

It further highlights the model, brand, specifications, and production date of any mobile phone.


Track Phone Using IMEI Number:

The producer (company) tracks the IMEI number.

  • Their primary intention is to recognize lost devices.
  • The secondary purpose is to prevent theft,

When the IMEI tracker finds out that the phone is lost or stolen, it can block that IMEI code. This way, your personal and private information remains safe and protected. IMEI number tracking apps are a helpful tool in this modern world.



The IMEI number comes with great importance as it helps in many ways, including pinpointing the location and whereabouts, preventing robbery, and sharing all the details of the particular mobile.

So, Everyone must memorize the IMEI number, and someone who could not do this must write it down somewhere. One can use the IMEI number tracking app. It is easy to do, with lots of advantages.