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How to Get all of the Stranded Graveyard Items with the Elden Ring

How to Get all of the Stranded Graveyard Items with the Elden Ring

Using this guide, players will be able to locate all of the items they may have missed while exploring the optional Stranded Graveyard tutorial area in Elden Ring. Elden Ring’s introduction, like many other From Software games, is designed to be obstructive. When From Software places the player in a random location and pits them against an opponent they’re barely equipped to defeat, they’re introduced to the game’s most important mechanic: death. Regardless of whether or not players have miraculously defeated the ‘Grafted Scion,’ all Tarnished are met with a swift end, with all of them being transported to the Stranded Cemetery.

This area, which serves as a tutorial, introduces players to the game’s mechanics, which are both familiar and new. And, in true From Software fashion, a large portion of the area is completely missable, which is amusing. This guide will lead players through the Stranded Graveyard, ensuring that they collect all of the items that can be found there.

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What is the location of the Stranded Graveyard?

If players have already completed the tutorial, they can always return to the Stranded Graveyard by traveling to the Site of Grace in a short amount of time. Located in Limgrave, to the west of Dragon-Burnt Ruins and south of the Church of Elleh and the Rune farming fortress of Stormgate, this location is a good place to explore.

Upon entering the game for the first time following their death at the Chapel of Anticipation, players are automatically given 3 Flasks of Crimson Tears, which are used to restore shopping mode HP, and 1 Flask of Cerulean Tears, which are used to restore FP. At Sites of Grace, this 3:1 ratio can be adjusted depending on whether or not the player’s build is magic-focused.

Speaking of Sites of Grace, one can be found directly ahead, through the double doors and up the stairwell by the golden tree, Elden Ring runes to the left. These Sites function in a similar way to Dark Souls’ Bonfires, restoring the player’s vitality and filling their flasks while also bringing all enemies back to life.


Acquiring the Strength Gesture is a Process

After taking a well-deserved rest at the Site of Grace’s ‘Stranded Graveyard,’ return through the doors and speak with the weary spirit sitting in the chair beside the cave. They will encourage the Tarnished to take the plunge down the chasm, which is something that players must do in order to complete the tutorial. Drop down and take a break at another Site of Grace that awaits you.

Continue on through the Cave of Knowledge, where Elden Ring will provide another excellent From Software tutorial, this time teaching the player the fundamentals of the game’s mechanics – don’t be concerned if you miss anything, as you can always return here later for a more thorough tutorial.

Continue down the linear path, past the crouching and stealth tutorial, until you come across a statue of Marika, which you can interact with. Similar to Sites of Grace, these statues serve as checkpoints at which the player can choose to respawn, though they are unable to be used as resting places for the player.

It is in this room that players will have their first ‘boss fight’ with the Soldier of Godrick, who will test their mettle. Pass through the golden fog and take him out for a quick 400 Runes to prove your worth. Avoid his sword slams by dodging to the side, and be wary of his three-hit combos, which can be devastating. Also, try to practice parries and guard counters, and don’t get too discouraged if you don’t succeed the first time.

After exiting the boss room, PC Elden Ring Runes players will find themselves on a ledge with a view of the very first room they spawned in, which contains the gold tree and the weary spirit, which they must defeat.

Elden Ring’s many unwieldy gestures are on display here; grab ‘Strength’ from the body that hangs over the ledge and drop down towards the tree ahead of you to continue. Return to the top of the stairs, where you will find the ‘Stranded Graveyard’ Site of Grace, where you can rest once more.


The Archway Protected by Fog

The Site of Grace room contains a grey fog-sealed archway guarded by an Imp Statue, which can be found in the ‘Stranded Graveyard.’It is necessary for players to return later with two Swordstone Keys, which can be found throughout Limgrave and beyond, in order to clear the fog.

This cave, which leads to an even more difficult boss battle, can be unlocked by using these Keys on the statue. Be prepared to fight your way through a challenging area that culminates in an even more difficult boss battle.


Obtaining the Finger Severer and the Tarnished’s Furled Finger from the Tarnished

Located near the Site of Grace, on the right side of the path leading out, is a corpse that contains a Finger Severer and a Tarnished’s Furled Finger, both of which can be used to disconnect from multiplayer and place summon signs, as well as a Finger Severer. After grabbing these items, proceed through the archway and up the elevator to the top, where you will be able to see Limgrave and ‘The First Step’ Site of Grace ahead of you.


Obtaining the Talisman of the Haligdrake

To obtain Torrent, the final item in the Stranded Graveyard, players must first have obtained it at the Site of Grace known as the “Gate front,” which is located to the north of the “The First Step.” After that, head southeast of ‘The First Step’ and south of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins to find the ‘Seaside Ruins’ Site of Grace, which is located southeast of ‘The First Step’.

You can continue your journey south along this cliff towards the small Land Octopuses, where you can look down from an elevated ledge to find a Spirit Spring. Jump off the cliff and onto the Spring while mounted on a horse, and Torrent will survive the fall if he is within the Spring’s area of effect – he will have a small whirlwind at his feet if he is within the Spring’s area of effect.