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How to Get Featured on a Major Wedding Blog: Top 5 Techniques

How to Get Featured on a Major Wedding Blog

Being a novice to the wedding photography profession, putting your name out there can seem like a difficult task. While Facebook and Google+ advertisements are an option, every wedding photographer secretly hopes to get featured on a major wedding blog. Style Me Pretty, Wedding Wire, etc. are all well-known examples. For some of us, all of these things may sound like pipe dreams, but if we put in the time and effort, we just might one day find ourselves featured prominently on the websites of our favorite legends. We’ve produced a list of the top 5 methods that anyone, regardless of expertise, can get published on a wedding blog.

Aim Reasonably

No matter how badly some of us would like to dream big right now, now is not the time to do so. Setting an unrealistic goal will only set you up for failure, especially if you are just starting out in your pursuit of publication. I made some foolish plans in the beginning of my career, when I was young and naive. Maybe you’ve read a few blogs, fallen in love with Style Me Pretty, and can’t wait to see your work in print. Expect an initial “no” from Style Me Pretty and similar blogs because they only accept the finest of the best. Yes, of course! Set an initial target date of one to two years to have your work published by them. That’s not an impossible target, especially if you’re dedicated to constant growth. Setting an unrealistic goal like “I will be published in a month” will only lead to disappointment and discouragement.

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Make Baby Steps

It’s simple to get overly ambitious and aim too high, as I’ve already indicated. Indeed, go after your goals, but don’t burn yourself out in the process. Start with some of the smaller blogs instead of going for the major ones. Unlike Style Me Pretty, blogs like Borrowed and Blue and The Knot are eager to receive submissions. Thus, begin with those! While larger submissions can take a lot of time, these little ones will help you get used to the process and gain visibility that you can expand on. Being published might have a domino effect on your career. It’s easier to build up and get the ball going onto bigger and better sites once you’ve established yourself on some of the lesser ones first.



Applying for a job and getting it published on a blog are fairly similar processes. In all cases, it’s crucial that you learn as much as possible about the organization you’re interviewing with. Find out the backstory of wedding blogs, including when they were created, who created them, and who runs them. Go ahead and be a suckup and try to draw attention to yourself; people like to feel important and well-known. Check out how other people’s features are laid out, the number of photographs they use, and their biographies. All of these things are crucial, and they will help your entry stand out from the crowd. Try researching previously published features and looking for aesthetic patterns or decisions. Do your research thoroughly, and you will succeed.


Conform Your Personal Style to that of Your Ideal Blog

In the same vein as researching their background, it’s crucial to master their style. Go deep into their favored functions and characteristics to learn more about their needs. Once you’ve done that, go back and double-check your own work to make sure it follows suit. Elopement Photographer’ s who submit work that is at odds with the blog’s normal fare often express surprise when their submission is not published. One such thing would be to examine the types of shots that are being fired at you. Being featured on a blog that never posts about barn sessions will be challenging if that’s all you shoot. Although it may be challenging to attract clients outside of your industry, you may always give a styled shoot a go. Taking part in a styled shoot is a fantastic way to build your professional network and acquire high-quality samples for your portfolio. It’s totally fine if you have no idea how to kick off a styled shoot. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!


Don’t be Dishearted

Finally, despite it all, the most crucial thing to keep in mind is to keep your spirits up. You will hear a lot of negative responses; I warned you about that. The most popular blogs only feature the most exceptional content; it may seem hard to compete with them. Keep in mind that there will always be someone more talented than you are. Take this advice and keep it in mind; you can use it in a wide variety of situations. The greater your investment in mastering your craft, the greater your long-term success.



Although working in this field can be nerve-wracking and stressful at times, the payoff is well worth the effort. If you want to get published, the tips I’m about to provide you should prove useful. I haven’t mastered the art of getting published yet, but with hard effort and persistence, I hope to get there eventually. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and welcome your feedback and questions.