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How To Post An Offer On Peopleperhour

How To Post An Offer On Peopleperhour

A freelance marketplace called People Per Hour links independent businesses (referred to as “Buyers”) with a sizable pool of knowledgeable independent contractors (referred to as “Freelancers”) who provide every type of business service imaginable, from copywriting to logo design, web development to business organisation or article writing.

PeoplePerHour, a virtual network for freelancers and small businesses, is a one-stop shop. Thanks to an active network of over 50,000 freelancers in 150 countries, it’s like having a virtual, on-demand global labour force ready to work at the push of a button.

On PeoplePerHour, you can hire a freelancer to do almost anything, including generating content, building an app, editing a podcast, and more—and at a fair price. But, is this online market genuinely a trustworthy solution, or is it a worse option?


Let’s talk about how you can post an offer on People Per Hour?

 When it comes to the posting offer on people per hour, it’s very simple. If you have posted an offers on Fiver or any other freelancer website then it is just as simple as that. Let’s talk about it in steps-


STEP 1 – In the first STEP, you must specify the title of your offer. If you design logos, you may offer, “I can create an eye-catching corporate logo for you.” Make a headline that stands out on your offer so that people may simply grasp what you provide.


STEP 2- You must simple specify the amount of time which you will take to complete that work. Example- one, two, or more days. You can write down less time, so that your client would get an impression that you are dedicated.


STEP 3- You can choose a category from the third section. For instance, you must pick “Graphic Design > Logo Design” if you are building a logo.


STEP 4- You can add keywords in the next section of the offer. In this section you have to add some good keywords. For example if you are into the logo designing then you must add – Logo Designer, Business Logo, Minimal Designs etc. As you know that keywords will help your offer to be discovered by the users all across the People Per Hour.


STEP 5- You can also use your pictures, videos and audios to showcase your talent in the 5th step while posting an offer. If you are using other people’s sources, be sure they are copyright-free. It will safeguard your account. Furthermore, if you are a graphic designer, be honest and utilise your own works for the offer.


STEP 6 – You have to explain about your offer. What you are offering to people. What your offer is all about. Try to explain things in details so that the offer would be clear to the buyer.


STEP 7 – You have to explain what benefits the user will get after opting for your services. This will help your offer to rank on the People Per Hour.


STEP 8 – There is an additional space in section eight where you may add a few More offers on People Per Hour with the price you want to provide. I advise you to use this part and provide additional offers so that customers may choose you and have a positive shopping experience.


STEP 9 – In this section , it will asks you to create a point-by-point summary of what you require from a buyer in order to launch the project. In the case of a logo designer, questions such as “Company or Business Name, Logo Style, etc.” may be requested of you.


STEP 10 – In this step you can select the ratio option which shows that if you are working remotely. You must accepty the terms and rules as well. You’ve finished the offer after you click the green button!


Here are Pros & Cons of People Per Hour, which I think you should know about:-


– It provides an wide range of clients and customers to the freelancers.

– As a freelancer you have an upper hand of choosing your own rates in people per hour .

– The invoice is built automatically.

– Live chat option is also available for customer care.



 – The competiton amongst freelancer is huge.

– There is less job stability and no guarantee of the quality of the work; it may fluctuate and be erratic.

– Because many employees can be ready to work for less money, there is less flexibility on certain jobs if you want to have competitive pricing.

– Freelancers are not eligible for benefits.



You can use People Per Hour’s services to find a large customer for your business. So, if you want to start freelancing on People Per Hour, I feel this instruction would be helpful. Remember the advise I gave based on my own experience of using apps such as fiverr, freelancer etc , and it won’t matter if you try other techniques to success as a freelancer on People Per Hour.