October 7, 2022


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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Review

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro
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The Huawei Watch GT20 Pro is the best and the most attractive smartwatches made by an company which is having an sapphire glass on the front in the display side and ceramic back at the rear of the watch. There are many watches which has been released by the Huawei but this watch is the most attractive watch released by the company.

Another highlights of this smartwatch is that it is having an route back option if you mobile coverage is low and you can find a way back to your home.  The Outdoor Assistant tells at which time the sun is gonna rise and when does it gone set. Which I personally think I very important when you are planning to go out somewhere with your friends or family. Not only about the sunrise and the sunset, this smartwatch also tells about the weather information and alerts as per the whether. Which is also very important if you are planning to go out somewhere with your friends or family members.

The Huawei Watch GT20 Pro also comes with the Heart Rate Monitor , which has now been upgraded one step ahead. Now it has became more accurate and more reliable. It is more comfortable to wear if compared to its competitors.


Display and design 

  • The Huawei Watch GT20 Pro is having an 1.40 Inch OLED Display with Titanium Body and Sapphire Glass at the front.
  • This smartwatch runs on the software Huawei’s Lite OS. It is also an simple and reliable OS.
  • It is having a ram of 4 GB and a storage of 32 MB.
  • It is one of the smoothest watch ever as compared to its competitors.

If you are looking for a watch fir third party apps installation, this watch is not for you. It is having a KIRIN A1 CPU. The software of the smartphone is well optimized and it has became smoother than before.



  • Most accurate and reliable heart rate measure.
  • Provides an Complete workout assistance
  • Apple Health and Google Fit integration


Life of the battery

  • It supports Wireless Charging.
  • With light use, the battery can lasts for 10-14 days.
  • With moderate use, the battery lasts 5-7 days.


The battery backup of GT 2 Pro is much better than the previous GT. Huawei claims to give an 14 day long lasting battery life if the watch’s brightness has been set to minimal.

However if you uses it regularly you’ll get an backup of 5-10 days.


SENSORS- Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Ambient light sensor, Air pressure sensor, Capacitive sensor

Huawei has been from a long time in the wearable market. and it has been continuously releasing new smartwatch models in India.

. The Watch GT was released early last year for Rs. 15,990, and now the Watch GT 2 has been released. Surprisingly, while having more features than the previous watch, this one costs less, at Rs. 14,990. The new wristwatch boasts a 14-day battery life and a speaker that lets you take calls right from your wrist. Should you invest in the Watch GT 2 with your hard-earned cash? We investigate it to find out.