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Important Facts About Hard Rubbish Collection

Important Facts About Hard Rubbish Collection

Hard Rubbish

Hard rubbish is trash that is not meant for your regular trash cans. This can include furniture, appliances, branches, and even e-waste. It is everything that you want to toss that will not fit in your regular trash can or dumpster or shouldn’t be there.

There are companies that will come and pick this up for you, so you don’t have to find a place for it. You can call someone for hard rubbish collection so that you don’t have to deal with it. They will make sure that it is recycled or taken to the landfill.

This article will tell you a little more about hard rubbish and the collection of it. It will help you to see how it is discarded of. You can do some more research and find out even more about this interesting subject.


Hard Rubbish Facts

  1. Hard Rubbish Disposal – Hard rubbish, or solid waste collection is important if you are remodeling your home and starting over with everything. You will have many things that need disposed of from your home. You can do this by calling a hard rubbish collector.

If you are remodeling your home, you might have old furniture and appliances that you need to dispose of. You might have debris from removing walls and other parts of your home. This is also considered hard waste and you will have to dispose of it, as well. Some solid waste companies will not let you dispose of building materials with them, so call to make sure that it is ok first.


  1. The Necessity of Disposing of Hard Rubbish – This is important for the cleanliness of your city. If solid waste can’t be disposed of, it will sit and collect mice, rats, and other vermin: This can not only cause your city to look dirty, but it can also cause disease due to the vermin that carry the disease.

If it is cleaned up on a regular basis, it won’t be taken and dumped illegally. This creates less clutter in the city streets and keeps things looking nice. It can also save you money because you won’t have a fine to pay for illegal dumping. It doesn’t cost that much more to add hard waste collection to your budget.

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The Necessity of Disposing of Hard Rubbish


  1. Local Area Rubbish Collection – Most cities have waste collection offered to their citizens. This can be provided by the municipality or by independent waste collectors. There are also independent solid waste collectors that you can hire to clean up your furniture and appliances. They can also tell you where to take these things if they can’t take it.

There are also many cities that have free hard rubbish cleaning days once or twice a year. This is a time when you can get rid of all that furniture without any cost to you. This would be a time to clean out the house and get rid of all the stuff that you would normally have to pay to dump or have hauled away.


  1. Acceptable Solid Waste for Collections – There are things that you can have picked up by hard rubbish collectors and things that you can’t. You can have furniture and appliances picked up, as well as some other household materials. Look here for a list of items that can be taken to your landfill. You must be careful with what you throw out for disposal so that you don’t get in trouble for dumping the wrong things.

There are things that you can’t have the hard waste collectors pick up. You can’t have them take common household trash that you would have your regular trash collectors pick up. You also can’t have chemicals and pesticides picked up because they are dangerous for the collectors.

Other items that can’t be picked up are asbestos and other hazardous waste such as paint and household cleaners like bleach and other items. Items from your vehicle such as oil, batteries, and engine blocks can’t be picked up. Branches and limbs can be picked up, but other lawn garbage cannot.

Acceptable Solid Waste for Collections


  1. Proper Area for Collection – You want to make sure that you put your debris on your own property and not on city sidewalks, streets, or pathways. If you put it in these places, you might experience a fine from the city and you don’t want that. You don’t want to pay even more to have your debris removed.

You can stack your stuff in your yard or driveway and in a place that is easier for the trash collectors to pick up. If it is within the boundaries of your property, you can put it there. Just make sure that you place it on your property so that there aren’t any problems with the city.


  1. Solid Waste Days – If your city is having their yearly pickup days, make sure that you follow all their rules and regulations. They usually say that your stack of stuff must be a certain size, such as 2 meters by 2 meters, or something similar to that. They also specify what kind of trash or items that you can put out.

Other requirements might be that you must have it out by a certain time of the day or that you can only have certain items that are placed out. If you don’t follow the rules, you risk not having your items picked up. You want to have your hard waste picked up, so follow the rules.

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  1. E-Waste Issues – E-waste is any waste that is electronic such as computers, laptops, and cell phones. This also includes microwaves, televisions, and radios that need to be thrown away because they no longer work. This is a hard waste that we don’t talk about as much.

Electronic waste is a bigger problem than we think about. Imagine all the cell phones that stop working or are outdated each month. They need to be put somewhere and the landfill is not the right place.

You should recycle these items whenever possible because they can cause leakage at landfills. There are places where you could take these items to be recycled, you just have to search for them. You might even find a recycling company that would pay you to recycle them.

The EPA says that only fifteen to twenty percent of e-waste is recycled. This leaves eighty to eighty-five percent being tossed into landfills or other places that could be harmful. These places could be harmful because most electronics have toxic elements such as lead, polyvinyl chloride, beryllium, and mercury, among others. You don’t want to have these things in the landfill so that it can get into the groundwater.

These products are also often sent to Third World countries to be taken care of. These places do not have ways to dispose of e-waste in the proper way. This just sends our problems to another country that can’t take care of it.



Hard waste, or rubbish, or solid waste – whatever you choose to call it needs to be handled appropriately. The best way that you can throw away this stuff is to call a collector that does this professionally. You can also wait for the once or twice a year that your city has a collection for you.

If you choose not to wait or call a disposal company, you should find out the correct places to bring it in your city. There are usually places that you can bring a trailer full of these items to so that you can save a little money by doing it yourself. These places are easy to find with a quick search on the internet.

You need to keep the hard rubbish from collecting around your home to prevent pests and vermin from being around your home. You can do this by calling a collector once or twice a month, or whenever you have a lot that needs to be taken care of.