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Mixing and Matching Lighting Styles For Your Backyard

Mix and match is the new trend that has taken the world by storm. Be it indoors or outdoors, mixing and matching can add depth and dimension to your space. If done right, it can lend a distinct charm to your space and transform your space beyond your wildest dreams. Now, before you question us, we are considering mixing and matching lighting designs only for the backyard until now, because of the relevance in this season.

Summer is here, and it’s going to be a while until the monsoon comes knocking on our doors. With the summer being a little too hot to handle this time, we know for sure that a lot of families will be taking refuge in their backyards during the evening to make the best out of the pleasant breeze at the time. And that’s why we’re sticking to the backyard this time. Now, take a look at everything possible for your backyard.

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A typical backyard lighting layout consists of three types of lights – safety lighting, landscape lighting and accent lighting. As the name suggests, safety lighting is meant to enhance your navigation in the space and eliminate any kind of problems that you might have to face. Landscape lighting is installed in your space to enhance and highlight various features of your backyard. And finally, accent lighting is just what you need to highlight your hardscape area like your patio and more. Now, let’s use these elements to style the most important parts of your backyard.

#1 Accent lighting – As we just mentioned, accent light is to accentuate the look of your outdoor seating space, and you can use a number of lighting fixtures to achieve that look. You can start with the usual stuff and install a couple of outdoor wall lights in the space to lend cosy stuff to your space. If the area is slightly big, then you can go with a couple of outdoor hanging lights like chandeliers and pendant lights. You only have to ensure that the lighting fixtures can handle the brunt of weathering. Complete your accent lighting layout by placing string lights in you space.

#2 Landscape lighting – Now, this might not be as important as accent lighting in your outdoor space, but trust us when we say landscape lighting can beautifully transform your outdoor area. Use uplighters, downlighters, or similar architectural lighting designs that beautifully highlight the green cover, backyard waterfalls, or any other architectural features in your outdoor space.

#3 Safety lighting – This is another important element of your outdoor lighting layout. Safety lighting brings the best out of your outdoor area and also enhances the navigation around your space. You can use garden bollards, gate lights, compound lights and other lighting elements to lend illumination to your driveways, pathways and other areas that require illumination.