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Power Transformer Meaning and its Types

Power Transformer Meaning and its Types
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With the increased growth in power sectors, there is a vast collection of power transformer manufacturers in India who are engaged in supplying power transformer in India. A power transformer is a device that alters the power from one circuit to another without changing the frequency. It runs on an AC source and operates on the principle of mutual induction. In transmission services, these transformers are used to link up and down voltages and the common model of the power transformer is liquid immersed and the life cycle of such transformers is approximately 30 years which is divided into three range-based groups.

Types of Power Transformer-

Transformers may be classified in various ways, based on their function, application, design, etc. There are many types of transformers and some of them are-

  1. Self-transformers

    Smaller, lighter, and simpler than conventional dual-winding transformers, self-transformers do not have electrical insulation. These transformers have a section of their winding used in both the input and output circuits.

  2. Polyphase transformers

    Power transmission system needs three-phase transformers to be able to scale up or down the voltage. Nevertheless, single-phase transformers may also be used to transform electricity between two three-phase devices.

  3. Leakage transformers

    Often classified as stray-field transformers, leakage transformers provide a slightly higher leakage inductance than most transformers and may be improved by a magnetic bypass or bypass in the center of main and secondary windings.

  4. Resonant transformers-

    A resonant transformer is one with a capacitor which serves as a tank or tuned circuit. These are powered by a pulse or a square wave and may function as large Q-factor bandpass filters.

Why choose a power transformer manufacturer?

If you want a high range and variety of power transformers that are extensively used in large-scale industries then you have to choose the best power transformer manufacturer. Buying from the best manufacturer where you can get durable, reliable, and guaranteed products are one of the esteemed choices of selecting the transformer manufacturer because all products made by them are verified and examined by trained teams and professionals.

Best power transformer manufacturer-

In order to promote the usage of various transformers for specific purposes, you have a relatively significant number of best transformer manufacturers in India. Power transformers manufactured by them have the ability to shift the voltage of electrical signals, so they may even separate various portions of the current.


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