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Some Interesting and Useful Facts About Qatar You Must Know

Some Interesting and Useful Facts About Qatar You Must Know

Qatar is a gulf country in the middle east region. From its society and history to its geography and multicultural population. Qatar is one of the most fascinating countries on the earth. Whether you have been here for ten days or for ten years there is always something new to learn. To celebrate the wonderful country “Qatar” we call it home. We have collected 20 facts about Qatar and we guarantee you don’t know. So let’s see those interesting facts about Qatar you will be amazed for sure:

Facts about the Geography and Travel of Qatar

Q1 – Hamad International port is the 3rd best airport in the World

Ans: In Qatar we are a pretty competitive bunch and we love being a winner. Which is why we are happy to be home to the best airport in the Middle East even in the whole gulf region and the 3rd best airport in the world.

Q2 – Qatar is the second flattest country in the world

Ans:You have probably noticed that Qatar is pretty flat but you did not realize just how flat Qatar country is. In fact it is the second flattest country in the world with its highest point is just 338 ft.

Q3 – Qatar airways is one of the best airline in the world

Ans:We told you that Qatar is pretty competitive and national carrier Qatar airways was named as the best airline in all over the world.

Q4 – Khor AL Adaid is one of the only place in Qatar where the sea meets with the desert

Ans: Khor AL Adaid or the Inland sea is something special. It is the area which was declared a nature reserve in the year 2007 is one of the unique places in the world where the sea meets with the desert.

Q5 – The inhabitants of AI Khor Island were the 1st to produce purple shellfish dye

Ans: AI khor island is one of the most stunning and beautiful sports to visit in Qatar thanks to its huge mangrove forests that you can visit around.


Interesting facts about Humans and Animals

1 – Men outnumber women by three to one

2 – Qatar is the safest country in the whole world

3 – The Arabian Oryx is the Qatar’s national animal

4 – Just 12% of the country is Qatari

5 – Robots are used in Qatar for Camel racing in Qatar


Facts about History of Qatar

1 – From pearl diving to oil

2 – The name Qatar dates back to 50 AD

3 – Qatar is one of the richest countries in the whole world

4 – Qatar ruling family party has been in power since 1968

5 – Qatar flag has an interesting origin story


Random facts to impress your plans to Qatar

1 – Doha tower has a very unique design

2 – The FIFA world cup 2022 Qatar markets plenty of historical firsts

3 – The Doha metro of Qatar is Guinness world record breaking

4 – Mach boos is Qatar national dish enjoyed there

5 – Qatar national day was not always on 18 December