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The Most Popular Professions Among Young People: What to Choose for a Successful Career?

The Most Popular Professions Among Young People

Popular Professions Among Young People of Kashmir

The younger generation, people who are now 20-22 years old, are actively studying, growing up, and confidently entering the labor market in search of their place in the sun. Therefore, we analyzed the resumes of young people from Kashmir who will become top managers and presidents.

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Main Preferences in Vacancies

Most 20-22 years old place their resumes in the category “Entry level. Little experience”, indicating at the same time the professional field and profession that interests them.

Most often, responding to market demands, young people look for work in the field of sales:

  • sales representatives; 
  • sales managers;
  • call center operators; 
  • merchandisers. 

There are many vacancies in this area, and it is easy to find a job without much professional experience but with the possibility of relatively high earnings and growth.

For those who do not have an entrepreneurial streak, one of the most accessible and affordable ways to start a career is to work as a secretary, office manager, or receptionist. Most often, employers are loyal to students, especially part-time students; there is an opportunity to study and work simultaneously, and sometimes there are career prospects and the chance to earn good money.

Work in the service sector remains popular for students and former students – hotels, including animation, restaurants, tutors, home staff, and working specialties. All these areas are an excellent way to earn money if there is no work experience.


Popular Work

The most popular skilled jobs students are looking for are jobs in information technology and marketing. In the first case, young professionals often already have experience as system administrators, QA managers, and programmers in different (often start-up) projects. In marketing, young professionals often assist specialized specialists (marketers, PR managers, and brand managers).

Other professional areas are less popular among those who are 20. Least of all desire to work in the public service and consulting field. 0.1-0.3% of all resumes of young specialists are placed in these areas.

Information about the most sought-after professions in the world interests those who have yet to make their final choice or are considering a field of activity. Check out the current ranking of the most popular destinations worldwide, compiled by the joint efforts of labor market analysts from different countries.

Headhunters politely put into the database resumes of lawyers and economists who have spent significant money on education and are trying to find at least a penny job and grab engineering and logistics specialists from each other.

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Engineering Specialists

This specialty is chosen not only by hereditary “mathematicians” but also by those who plan to keep up with progress – the rapid development of the construction industry and production automation is just around the corner. Engineers who have received a good education quickly evolve into senior managers. The main thing is to delve into the intricacies of production actively. Unlike an engineer grandfather, you will have to master at least technical English. It will significantly increase your quotes from foreign companies happy to hire domestic engineers.


IT specialists

The number of programs for tablet computers, smartphones, and other gadgets is already in the thousands. But users are waiting for new applications no less than children – gifts from Santa Claus. Therefore, ensuring the health of the software market is a good and profitable business. A significant bonus in the portfolio of skills of an IT specialist is the possession of design skills and website modeling skills. You can quickly fulfill your dream by setting your goal to get a job at Google or Microsoft.



Very high demands are placed on doctors in the 21st century. To treat people today, more is needed to memorize anatomy, physiology, physics, and chemistry – modern doctors need fundamental knowledge in electronics and biotechnology. Medical centers that purchase high-tech medical equipment prefer doctors whose humane aspirations to help humanity are backed up by the ability to communicate with technology on “you.”


Tourism specialists

The desire for a person to travel increases every year. Just yesterday, the ultimate dream of the average domestic family was a trip to the country. A professional travel manager can only offer clients popular or exotic destinations for a trip, find the most suitable route, and provide a comfortable rest from the works of the righteous. The same specialty guarantees a highly paid position in a 5-star hotel.



The most fierce computer battles are incomparable with real wars in the struggle for product markets. Challenging games of competitors are sometimes hidden behind partnership agreements. Managing product flows, and other assets is as exciting as it is profitable. Companies line up for good logisticians with a subtle economic sense and knowledge of transport infrastructure and topography.




A person is so mired in the garbage, emissions, exhaust, and other waste products of life and production that the self-destruction program can be accelerated without urgent resolution of the conflict with nature. So today, all hope is on environmentalists. And for its salvation, humanity is ready to pay a lot of money to those who know how to save the world from an ecological catastrophe.


Chemists and power engineers

Man’s holy faith in the limitlessness of natural resources is shattered at the bottom of dried-up rivers and shallow oil wells. The energy of the earth will not last long. Today, all forces are thrown into the search for alternative energy sources and to improve energy efficiency. Producing solar batteries, individual heating systems, and air conditioning systems requires new technologies and solutions. Anyone who has a diploma in chemistry or energy owns the world.



Today, nanotechnologies have descended from cosmic heights and are widely used in mechanical engineering, medicine, and even the food industry. Every day, the scope of robots and microcircuits is expanding, which means the demand for nanotechnology specialists is growing. Of course, engineers conduct all research on new types of materials under a microscope, but the number of zeros in their payrolls is visible to the naked eye.