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The Ultimate Hack for Picking the Right Oversized Fits – Urban Monkey

Dressing up is fun for all of us, but can be a daunting task. Most people like lounging about in comfy clothing. And nothing could be more comfortable than an oversized T-shirt! When you go shopping, you sometimes end up choosing a size that is one or two sizes bigger than what you wear. With the most recent additions to the oversized ranges now available on the market, it has become much simpler for folks to find a comfortable fit while still being stylish and trendy.

You can wear your oversized clothes with anything and still look great. Although an oversized fit is often relaxed and comfortable, it does not imply that the outfit cannot look stylish.

A wide variety of designs are available in oversized fits, including graffiti, streetwear, hip-hop style t-shirt for men and women, and many more.

Choosing any of these patterns will make you look fashionable. When shopping for oversized fits, there are a lot of different designs and patterns to choose from, which may cause the process to seem quite tiring at times. This is where UrbanMonkey comes into play. You will discover a wide range of styles in enormous fits, each of which can be customized to the most suitable size.


How to Style an Oversized Fit?

Choose the size that matches your regular fit when shopping for an oversized fit. Doing so is essential because oversized shirts are already designed in a manner that makes them appear baggier than regular fits. Your oversized t-shirt shouldn’t be too big to make you appear sloppy.

Explore some of our favourite oversized t-shirt styles and pick up some styling tips to help you build an impressive fashionable collection of oversized fits.


  • Shorts

Pair shorts with an oversized t-shirt. Buy Printed t-shirt to wear with shorts for a trendy look. It radiates the cosiest but most fashionable air at the same time. You can choose to either tuck in your oversized t-shirt or not. You have the power to pull off a trendy appearance either way.


  • Midi Skirt

You can look chic by wearing a midi skirt with an oversized t-shirt. A baggy t-shirt not only brings harmony to your overall appearance but also brings attention to your physique. When dressing for the evening, you may give your outfit a dash of color by wearing a colorful skirt with your oversized graphic t-shirt.


  • Workwear

T-shirts, which have been a mainstay in casual wear for decades, have only recently made their way into appropriate office attire. It’s as simple as pairing your baggy t-shirt with trousers or formal pants. Tucking an oversized t-shirt into your trousers is a simple way to add style to your work wardrobe.


  • Mini-dress

You may cinch in your waist with a belt while wearing shoes and a leather jacket with your oversized t-shirt. This will get you the look of a mini dress while still putting together an edgy ensemble.



It doesn’t matter what you pair an oversized fit with or how you dress it, you just can’t go wrong. Oversized t-shirts make you look casual and comfortable. It puts together a contemporary look that looks effortless.

Shop at UrbanMonkey for an oversized fit in a variety of patterns and colours to get the perfect look for you. Here at UrbanMonkey, you can buy oversized t-shirts for men and women. Now is the time to stock your closet with some of the best-oversized t-shirts we provide in a wide selection of styles.