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Top 3 Farmhouse in Noida for Birthday Party Celebration

Top 3 Farmhouse in Noida for Birthday Party Celebration

We all want to have a fun get-together with our loved ones at our birthday party. Contrary to the popular belief, your age shall never be a factor to downplay the importance of your birthday party. And if you are in Noida, you will never have to worry about running out of options. In terms of party venues in Noida, the city has tons to offer.

Usually, when we are looking for party venues, we think of restaurants, pubs, clubs, cafes, etc. However, there is another option that is sure to jazz up your birthday – farmhouses. Farmhouses are a blessing to party lovers. You will get ample space, have an entire party venue to yourself, and party without a care in the world. So, if you wish to shed off the lockdown stress by partying hard with your friends on your birthday, choose a farmhouse in Noida.

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Benefits of Organizing a Birthday Party in a Farmhouse:

There are countless options for you to choose from when it comes to farmhouses in Noida. Not only do they come in all sizes but each of them comes with different attractions as well. For example, you can have a pool party with your friends in one while you can have a spread-out lawn party in another. Also, organizing a party at a farmhouse means that you can party an entire day with your loved ones. There is no hurry to return home late at night. Furthermore, because of the spaciousness of the farmhouse, you can have a lavish party with your friends. So, chat as much as you want to and dance your heart out at your next birthday party by booking a farmhouse in Noida for one day. And do not worry. You do not have to spend days looking for the best farmhouse in Noida for birthday party. Our website only lists the best party places in Noida. Therefore, you can be well-assured that our executives will only help you find the most happening ones in Noida.


Below listed are a few of the most loved farmhouses in Noida for birthday parties:

1. Choudhary Farms, Sector 135: Do you wish to have a gala party on your birthday? Does the idea of a poolside party enthrall you? If that is the case, Choudhary Farms is the place to be. The farmhouse is a riot of colors. From the interior space to the lawn, the vibrant colors are sure to lift up your mood. Besides at Choudhary Farms, you do not have to worry about guest accommodation. The farmhouse can easily cater to 150 people. Furthermore, the venue is extremely affordable too. So, choose this farmhouse for birthday party in Noida without the worry of draining your savings.

2.Farms N Frolics, Sector 135: Farms N Frolics is a home away from home. That is to say, this farmhouse has an extremely welcoming environment. With bright colors, beautiful lawns, an amazing pool, and even a swing, this farmhouse has everything to give you a positive festive spirit. More so, Farms N Frolics is a picturesque party location just in the city premises. So, you have a happening birthday party without having to travel hours on road. Thus have an insta-worthy birthday this year by opting to party at this farmhouse in Noida.

3. Divine Farmhouse, Sector 70: The farmhouse is just as divine as its name. If you wish to have a grand birthday celebration, this farmhouse for party should then be your next party venue. Divine Farmhouse has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The lawn of the farmhouse can cater easily to 1200 people and the hall can serve up to 500 guests. This means that hosting your 25th, 50th, or 75th birthday party just got way easier in Noida. You can also throw your kid’s first birthday party here. Besides these, the biggest draw of Divine Farmhouse is that the venue is an epitome of royalty. In fact, the ceiling of the farmhouse has LED lights to jazz up the place. So, give yourself a grand birthday celebration post-COVID, and invite all your acquaintances over to your next birthday party.